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Gulfood 2019 17 th - 21 st February

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Date & Time: Sunday 17th Feb - Wednesday 20th Feb 11am - 7pm Thursday 21st Feb 11am - 5pm

Location: Dubai World Trade Centre Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Stand Build up: Saturday 16th Feb the exhibition hall is open 24/7 for you to set up - all stands must be completed by 19:00 One Union will be on site from 08:00 Stand Break Down: Thursday 21st Feb - 17:30 Once halls are cleared of visitors dismantling can begin Power is disconnected at 22:00 Badge Collection: Badges are to be collected from the Badging Office, located at the venue Please take a valid form of ID as you will need this to receive your badges Charity Notice: Exhibitors participating in the UK pavilion at Gulfood 2019 have the opportunity to donate their remaining samples. Trade fairs UK’s intention is to distribute these to a local charity supporting labour camps

iPads: The password for the iPads is 5601

To bring back to the office in suitcases: • 2 iPads including socket & leads • iPad stands with lock cables/keys • Power pack • Business cards

Exhibition Details


Mark Grahame:

Flight: EK8 London Heathrow - Dubai Booking Ref: KWAIGN Depart: 15.02.19 Heathrow Terminal 3 - 09:10 Arrive: Dubai Terminal 3 - 20:00

Duration: 6hrs 50mins Class/Seat: Business 18A Baggage: 40KG

Flight: EK7 Dubai - London Heathrow Booking Ref: KWAIGN Depart: 28.02.19 Dubai Terminal 3 - 03:10 Arrive: London Heathrow Terminal 3 - 07:10 Duration: 8hrs Class/Seat: Business 14A Baggage: 40KG Flight: EK36 Newcastle - Dubai Booking Ref: M5GDX2 Depart: 16.02.19 Newcastle 13:00 Arrive: 17.02.19 Dubai Terminal 3 - 00:15 Duration: 7hrs 15mins Class: Business 2A Baggage: 40KG Flight: EK35 Dubai - Newcastle Booking Ref: M5GDX2 Depart: 01.03.18 Dubai Terminal 3 - 07:25 Akhtar Zahid:

Arrive: Newcastle 11:20 Duration: 7hrs 55mins Class: Business 6D Baggage: 40KG

Flight Information


The Jumeira Rotana is a short car journey from the airport.

Mark & Akhtar, your car transfers are included with your flights.

There will be someone waiting for you with your name on a board who works for Emirates in the arrival terminal.

If for any reason you can’t locate your driver, please head to the Emirates desk.

Directions to Hotel


Mark Grahame: Jumeira Rotana

Check in: Friday 15th February 2019 14:00 Check out: Sunday 24th February 2019 12:00 Booking Reference: 151838103148

Akhtar Zahid: Jumeira Rotana

Check in: Saturday 16th February 2019 14:00 Check out: Sunday 24th February 2019 12:00 Booking Reference: 151838359009 Radisson Blu Check in: Wednesday 27th February 2019 15:00 Check out: Friday 1st March 2019 12:00 Booking Reference: 1417369252

Hotel Address: Jumeira Rotana 2nd December Street Jumeirah Bur Dubai Dubai United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 43084306 Included in booking: • Continental Breakfast

Hotel Address: Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Media City Dubai United Arab Emirated Tel: +971 4 366 9131

• Gym • Pool • Sauna

Hotel Bookings


The Dubai World Trade Centre is a short taxi ride from the Jumeira Rotana. Taxi’s are available upon request at the hotel reception. Alternatively please see the below taxi contact numbers:

Cars Taxi: +917 4 269 3344 Arabia Taxi LLC: +917 4 285 5111 National Taxi Station: +971 4 339 0002

Directions to Gulfood


Gulfood 2019 We are exhibiting in the UK Pavilion, The exhibition is in an extremely large hall, please see the close up map of where our stand is located.

Ramsden International: S1 - A34

Stand Location


1. Seasonal 2. Speciality & Kingsbury 3. Best of British 4. Health & Lifestyle

Stand Layout


Bays 1-4


2 Tables 8 Chairs

Counter 1 Plug Socket

The Stand includes: • 4 bays to display stock • 1 Counter including plug socket • 2 tables and 8 chairs • Cupboards under each bay

We recommend you display the brochures on the counter and table and surplus is stored in the cupboards.

Stand Design


Akhtar Zahid Managing Director

Mark Grahame Sales Director

Scott Taylor International Business Manager

Exhibition Attendees


Pallets We have 2 pallets arriving at the exhibition hall. Please unpack these upon your arrival as per the 4 planograms

Pallet 1 includes: • Products for all 4 bays • Stationery • Fuel 10K flat-pack display unit

• Please remove the Kingsbury crisps - do not display these items, you’re welcome to give these away as samples at the end of the exhibition

Pallet 2 includes: • Business cards & stands • Brochures • Fuel 10K products

• Coop products • iPad’s & locks • Battery hub • Small selection of products for bays • New lead forms

Site Logistics will deliver the pallets, if you need to contact site logistics their details are below:

Site Event Logistics Ms Ancy Cutty Operations Manager Tel: +971 4 370 5533/5151/5568 Mobile: +971 5 045 85195

Co-op Products Co-op products have been added for display purposes only. You are welcome to give the Co-op products away at the end of the show, unfortunately you cannot sample during the event as new regulations state you need food hygiene training

Pallet Details


Pallet Details


Brochures All the brochures are on the same pallet together (the pallet sent by Air Freight) Please hand these out to any prospective leads or customers Any Grocery Highlights brochures left over, Scott can keep for future use - the remaining brochures can be destroyed Kingsbury This brochure is on the iPad only due to the hard copy having popcorn listed USB’s A dozen USB’s are loaded with the new Grocery Highlight brochure at Mark’s request should any visitors request this

New Grocery Highlights Spring & Easter 2019

Christmas 2019

12 USB’s loaded with the new GH

Christmas C&F 2019

Kingsbury - iPads only

Marketing Tools


Labelling Examples We have supplied labelling examples in the planogram - this is one of the services we offer. The below photo highlights which products are labelled/injetted (only 1 of each line) The products are translated to Kuwait standards: Long Description, Ingredients, Country of Origin, Production Date & Expiry Date Kuwait Language 1038083 - Tetley Original Tea Bags x 240’s 1034509 - Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons Chocolate Bag 119g 1077215 - Bounty Dark 57g

Ink Jetting 1054041 - Scott’s So-Easy Porridge 12x30g

1026937 - Ryvita Things Three Cheese Flatbreads 125g 1075717 - Nestle Go Free Corn Flakes Gluten Free 500g

Labelling/Injet Examples


Brochure Totals On the air pallet there are: • 2 boxes of Spring & Easter 2019 • 3 boxes of Christmas 2018 • 15 boxes of Grocery Highlights 2019

iPads: If you go into the ‘iBooks’ tab on either iPad, the below flipping brochures are loaded onto them: • Health & Lifestyle • Grocery Highlights 2019 • Spring & Easter 2019 • Christmas 2018 • Christmas Chilled & Frozen 2018 • Kingsbury • Fuel 10K presentation • Ramsden International generic company presentation Please be aware some of these files are very large and may be slow when loading

Brochure Tally / iPad’s


iPad Pro Remove the iPads from their protective cases and mount in the silver iPad stands To extend the bottom 2 legs of the iPad holder, slide the silver tabs in the direction of the arrows and pull the legs out (see step 1 on image) To extend the top leg you need to push down the silver tab on the reverse side (see step 2 on image) Once the iPads are in position, adjust the legs to sit snug around the iPad To lock the iPad in place, wrap the cable to a secure point and insert the lock into the back of the stand and turn the key left (see step 3 on image)

Step 2

Step 1

Step 3

Please remember to bring these stands back home with you with their cables and keys

iPad Locks


Planogram Bay 1


Seasonal Bay 1


Planogram Bay 2


Speciality & Kingsbury Bay 2


Planogram Bay 3


FYI - Salt & Vinegar are in new packaging, same product!

Best of British Bay 3


Planogram Bay 4


Health & Lifestyle Bay 4


Exhibition Attendees:

Mark Grahame: +44 (0) 7720 598530 Scott Taylor: +971 504 507309 Akhtar Zahid:

Exhibition Contacts:

Tradefairs UK Exhibition Organiser Ross Marsh Tel: +44 (0) 7974 236007

Site Event Logistics Ms Ancy Cutty Operations Manager Tel: +971 4 370 5533/5151/5568 Mobile: +971 5045 85195

One Union Stand Build Mel Shellien Tel: +971 50 8845655

Head Office Contacts:

Ramsden International: +44 (0) 1472 315610 Erin May: +44 (0) 7718 092002 IT Assistance Jaden Walker: +44(0) 7718 705373

Francesca Knight: +44(0) 1472 315258 Ruth Hargreaves: +44 (0) 7557 635184 Faye Pearson: +44(0) 1472 315610

Key Contacts


Mobile Hotspot Instead of using the modem from 2018, Scott agreed to use his mobile as a hot spot to connect the iPads whilst using the Zoho app Battery Pack: To use, simply plug into the device and press the button located on the top. There are 4 LED lights which indicate how much battery is left The battery pack was fully charged pre-shipping and will need re-charging if used. The cable is in the power bag and requires the ipad plug socket

A full power pack will charge:

• 1.5 iPad charges • 6.8 Iphone 8 charges • 4.8 Galaxy S8 charges

Mobile Hotspot & Battery Pack


Step 1 Open ‘Card Scanner’ app by Zoho Corporation on the iPad

Step 2 Log in using: Username : Password : Ramsden@Gulfood2018 Step 3 You are ready to scan! Photograph any useful business cards using the app Step 4 The app will populate the data from the business card. If there are any details the app could not pick up Fran will investigate Step 5 Please state the priority of the lead using the notes section, high, medium or low, be sure to include any other notes regarding your conversation

Follow this process for all new leads

Do not worry if not all of the information pulls through, we can manually edit this later

If the stand gets very busy please use the lead forms provided

Staple the leads business card to the form for uploading later

Using the Zoho App


So... What’s happening back in the office?

Fran is responsible for cleansing the leads data and will correct any information the card scanner was unable to pull through and convert your notes into the correct fields such as sales contact, priority etc

The leads will then be exported as an Excel file and circulated amongst the Sales Team to begin chasing up their assigned leads This list will also be sent to Marketing daily to upload as an address book into Dotdigital, where the team will send out a follow up email, addressed from the Sales Contact with their name and contact number This email will be issued within 24 hours of Fran and Marketing receiving the details

Once the exhibition has ended, all leads will be uploaded to CRM

Progress on all leads will be tracked on a weekly basis and Fran will be confirming latest status with the sales team

Leads Process


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