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Risks of remote work: Joe Lozowski CEO of Tangram Interiors (Santa Fe Springs, CO), encourages leaders to be intentional about striking the right balance between remote and physical workspaces.


L ozowski leads a company that believes in creating great employee experiences by thinking about people, technology, and place as a single holistic ecosystem. His firm, Tangram Interiors, creates amazing workspaces that empower people to work, learn, and heal. “My own company is flexible, and we allowed people to work remotely, even before the pandemic,” Lozowski says. “What I’m advocating for is intentionality and serious consideration from leadership on striking a balance so that the best benefits of a physical environment can still be experienced.” A CONVERSATIONWITH JOE LOZOWSKI. Tangram Interiors: “Hybrid work” is a hot buzz phrase in corporate conversations right now. What is missing from the conversation? Joe Lozowski: When people talk about the hybrid work environment, they’re talking about working in the office part- time and working remotely part-time. During the COVID-19 lockdown, most of us experienced a work-from-home

arrangement on a very intense level, with obvious pros and cons. During my own time from home, I thought deeply about the long-term business implications of a workforce that is entirely or partially remote. The fact is, when it comes to running a successful business, there are significant hindrances if you don’t work together in person. The current conversation among leaders is missing acknowledgment of those essential in-person elements, as well as discussion about the long-term, strategic implications of going remote. TI: What is your biggest concern about a remote work environment? JL: From a leadership perspective, I’m concerned about the inability to create meaningful networks. Personal networks within a company are a significant way for more experienced people to pass along knowledge to less experienced people. Steady knowledge transfer allows a company to maintain and grow its position in the marketplace. In addition, in-person


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