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Recruiting talent in this market

Recruiting and marketing play a role in growing your firm, and it’s more important now than ever to make sure they are working together.

R ecruiting and marketing go hand-in-hand. In this competitive landscape for talent, managers are working with both recruiting departments and marketing departments to bring in talent and fill positions with their firms. It’s hard. Really hard. Many of you have heard about the “great resignation,” and I think it’s only going to get worse as we go through 2022. Recruiters and marketers have to get smarter.

Lindsay Young

I’ll give you the golden ticket to finding good talent. Actually, I’ll give you a couple. First, call all your past employees whose performance you were happy with and had an amicable separation from. It doesn’t matter if they are in your geographic market or not. Call them. If they aren’t looking, they may know someone who is. Or maybe they are going to move back to the city where you’re located. Nonetheless, find out if they are happy where they are and if they would be interested in coming back. It’s as simple as sending them an email or calling them on the telephone. Another way to recruit employees is to encourage your current employees to recruit their friends or alumni. Many firms have an incentive for current

employees who recruit others to come work for the firm. Remind your employees of the incentive and the importance of having a strong team. Having more people results in less burnout. Win-win! Have a local college or university with an architecture, engineering, or construction program? Contact the local dean and build a relationship with them. Students will often reach out to past deans/ professors about jobs and if your firm is top of mind (aka if you have a relationship with the school) the dean/professor will tell them to reach out to your firm. This takes a little more time to develop these relationships with deans/professors, but nothing worth doing happens overnight.

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