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For those of you who did not get a chance to read our first edition of the Physicians’ Press, I welcome you to our official Physicians’ Newsletter. In an effort to increase our level of physician engagement, you will begin to receive a newsletter mid-month that contains updates on progress made by medical staff committees, quality data on our performance, appointments to the medical staff, special news, calendar reminders, and more. Opelousas General Health System was honored to be the 2018 presenting sponsor for the Greater Acadiana Heart Walk, which took place on Saturday, March 24th at Couret Farms in Lafayette. I have spent the last year serving as Chairman of the Greater Acadiana Heart Walk and led a campaign in securing sponsorships, partaking in fundraising efforts, and encouraging community participation in the fight against heart disease and stroke. We are steadily progressing in all our construction efforts and anticipating the opening of our new comprehensive cancer center, Centre de la Vie, on April 23rd. Please join us on Thursday, April 26th, as we celebrate the Grand Opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony beginning at 5:00 PM at South Campus. Until then, view our latest Centre de la Vie commercial

Speaking of celebrating, planning is underway for National Hospital Week, May 7th - 11th. National Hospital Week provides an opportunity to thank all the dedicated individuals – physicians, nurses, therapists, pharmacists, administrators, human resources, environmental services, food service workers, housekeeping staff, volunteers and so many more for their contributions in providing high quality and compassionate care to our community. I would encourage and love to see many of you participate in one of our Hospital Week events - the Lip Sync Challenge. More details included in our newsletter.

As of December 20th, the Board of Trustees approved the following Proposed Bylaws Revisions to Article 6: Conditions of Practice for Medical Assistants: NP’s and PA’s may record entries in the medical record independently and without co-signature requirement, with exception of code status orders and admit orders, which must be signed by the supervising practitioner.

As of March 21st, the Board of Trustees approved the recommendation for the changes to the Crash Cart Content List. Items on the crash cart that are not being utilized have been omitted, such as oxygen supply baskets, pharmacy reference material, and certain drugs. An updated pharmacy reference material can be readily accessible at time of need if requested. Disposable laryngoscope handles and blades are now stocked on the carts. The disposable instruments are standardized products that are interchangeable to accommodate everyone. A tracheostomy set is available in the Medicine Room on every floor. As of March 21st, the Board of Trustees approved the recommendation for the list of Drug Shortages. In the event we exhaust all Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) Injection and are unable to obtain additional supplies, convert to Morphine injection at an equivalent dose, recommended by Anesthesia.

WHAT’S We are excited to be welcoming three new physicians to our staff in 2018, who have chosen to come back home to serve their local community. • Samantha Lavergne Vidrine, MD, attended Medical School at LSU in Shreveport and is currently finishing her Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency at University of Florida at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, FL. She will be joining Dr. Kerkhoff in the Fall. She is a graduate of Opelousas Catholic School. • Jason Trahan, MD, attended Medical School at LSU in New Orleans and is currently finishing his Otolaryngology Residency at LSU Health New Orleans. He will be joining Southern E.N.T. Associates, Inc. in July, and his office will be in Opelousas between Family Clinic and South Campus. He is a graduate of Opelousas Catholic School, and he worked as a nurse in the ICU prior to Medical School and continued PRN while in Medical School. • Eliza Arnaud Tate, MD, attended Medical School at LSU in Shreveport and is currently finishing her Family Medicine Residency in Alexandria in affiliation with LSUHSC in Shreveport. She will be joining Dr. Freddie Fandal in Port Barre in the Fall. She is a graduate of Port Barre High School. THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME


Dr. Kenneth Cochran, President & CEO recognized and presented awards to 9 amazing physicians for their continuous years of service. 10 Years of Service • Dr. Eric Amy • Dr. Phillip Bacilla, Jr. (not pictured) • Dr. Robert McReynolds, Jr. • Dr. Karen Simpson • Dr. Salvador Vazquez 20 Years of Service • Dr. Damian Badeaux • Dr. Derek Metoyer (not pictured) 40 Years of Service • Dr. Phillip Landry


CIS interventional cardiologist, Dr. Robert Menuet II, was the first to use the TRYTON Side Branch Stent to treat coronary artery disease at Opelousas General Health System. The flexible new stent technology is specially designed to fit the shape of a blocked main heart artery that also has a blockage located in the side branch of the heart. It is delivered to the artery via a balloon delivery catheter and is used in conjunction with a conventional drug-eluding stent implanted in the main vessel. Stenting of the main branch is the current standard of care, but in many cases the side branch is not stented, leaving it vulnerable to complications, such as future blockages leading to emergency stent placement. “The Tryton stent technology allows patients with complicated artery blockages to avoid bypass surgery and have an outpatient procedure in the cath lab where they can go home that day,” said Dr. Menuet. “It’s one of the most advanced technologies in fixing these types of blockages, and we are proud to offer it to the Opelousas community.”

Coronary artery disease, the leading cause of death in the U.S. in both men and women, often results in the buildup of plaque at a site where one artery branches from another, also known as a bifurcation. Approximately 20-30% of all patients undergoing percutaneous coronary interventions to open blocked arteries have a bifurcation lesion. The TRYTON Side Branch Stent is a cobalt chromium stent based on Tri-ZONE® technology engineered to provide complete lesion coverage and more predictable patient outcomes. In February 2017, the TRYTON Side Branch Stent became the first dedicated bifurcation stent to receive regulatory approval in the U.S. It is manufactured by Tryton Medical and distributed by Cordis. For more information, visit l PHYSICIAN SPOTLIGHT APRIL 2018 Dr. Mia Ben, Pediatrician Where are you originally from? Napoleonville, LA What is your favorite thing about working at OGHS? The support staff is one of the best I have ever worked with. They are truly dedicated to their work at OGHS and to the physicians on staff. Everyone is like family. What do you enjoy most about being a physician? I most enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that my efforts are affecting young children in a positive way. Caring for children is my passion and I truly enjoy every moment that I spend doing that. What would you like everyone to know about you? I would like everyone to know that I am a sincere person that really cares about this community and my role in it. I am also a huge Saints fan and have been playing football myself with an all women team since 2006. Why did you choose OGHS? I wanted to practice in a rural setting much like Napoleonville where my skills would be both needed and appreciated.

What do you like to do in your free time? In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, baking cakes and playing football.


One of the greatest challenges to providing high-quality healthcare in St. Landry Parish is patient non-compliance. Patients often misunderstand the advice/instructions that healthcare professionals give to them causing them to carry out treatment incorrectly and causing the planned treatment to be ineffective. Patient non-compliance in our parish is in part due to the lack of transportation that many of our patients suffer from. Patients without transportation often fail to pick up their medications from a pharmacy leaving them without a source of treatment. This medication non-compliance is a leading cause for readmission rates in our hospital.

Opelousas General Health System is anxious to begin construction for our Meds-to-Beds Program, a key component to decreasing hospital readmission rates and improving patient education, medication adherence and patient satisfaction. The program is designed to fill prescriptions and hand-deliver the prescriptions to hospital patients’ bedsides before they are discharged from the hospital. Bedside delivery of prescriptions provides hospital staff an opportunity to answer patients’ questions and ensure they understand how to take the medications correctly before they leave the hospital. Meds-to-Beds will also improve communication between caregivers and prescribers and prevent delays of prescriptions being filled due to communication gaps that can occur between hospital staff and community pharmacies. We envision the Meds-to-Beds Program to improve HCAHPS scores while decreasing the readmission rates for the hospital. The program will consist of an outpatient pharmacy equipped with its own pharmaceutical staff and equipment, separate from the hospital pharmacy. The Meds-to-Beds Program will utilize the KL-60 Kirby Lester Automation Robotic Dispensing to handle the bulk of the prescription filling and two scanners for verification. The robotic filling technology will free up essential time for better communication with patients, counseling on medication, and building relationships and a sense of trust. The technology is perfected for safety, accuracy, and speed. Read more about Kirby Lester by visting The Meds-to-Beds Program will be located near the front entrance of the hospital between admit and the Emergency Center (ER). Be on the lookout! Construction is expected to start in May. DISPOSABLE FIBER OPTIC LARYNGOSCOPES To fulfill Opelousas General Health System’s commitment for excellence, we must challenge ourselves to continuously improve through innovative thinking and technology to better meet the needs of our patients. On March 21st, the Board approved changes to the Crash Cart Content List, which included stocking disposable fiber optic laryngoscope handles and blades in place of the laryngoscopy equipment. The Respiratory Therapy and Anesthesiology departments worked together to critique the disposable products from various companies and select the best option for OGHS. The products were evaluated based on quality, cost and usability among other factors. The decision to convert to disposable will create a more efficient process by improving ease of access, supporting infection control and reducing long-term costs. Disposable products in hospitals continue to increase as part of an infection prevention and control process. OGHS appreciates the effort from all staff who contributed to this innovation which will provide a safer environment for our patients. If you would like to learn more about the flexicare disposable fiber optic handles and blades that will be stocked on the crash carts, contact Kevin Gobert Ext. 4445 or visit the link below.

Written by Chelsea Vidrine, Physician Engagement Coordinator


We would like to thank Dr. David Homan, interventional cardiologist, for speaking on the topic of Radial artery access for heart catherization at the Chamber Lunch and Learn. CHAMBER LUNCH AND LEARN

Thank you to Dr. Siby Ayalloore for speaking to the Seniors Helping Seniors group about the severity of heart failure in our community. SENIORS HELPING SENIORS

Thank you to Dr. John Anderson, radiation oncologist, for speaking at the March Life’s Champions meeting to discuss the advances in radiation therapy. LIFE’S CHAMPIONS

Thank you to Dr. Paula Sharkey, Radiologist, for sharing her Connect to Purpose (C2P) at our recent quarterly Leadership Development Institute (LDI). A C2P is someone’s personal story for choosing their career path and ultimately why they “do what they do.” THANK YOU DR. SHARKEY


Thank you to Dr. Andrew Sicard and Dr. Eric Amy for attending the recent Medical Staff Meeting on March 23rd at Allen Parish Hospital in Kinder. Both of them, along with staff from OGHS, attended to provide information about surgical services that the general surgeons can provide to patients of Allen Parish. It gave us an opportunity to meet members of their medical staff and to answer questions that several of them had.


Thank you to Dr. Leah Olivier, Dr. Mark Olivier, Dr. Scott Parks, and Dr. Andrew Sicard for participating in the recent LDI as part of a Physician Panel Discussion. These physicians were asked a series of questions about how leaders can engage with physicians to improve the physician and patient experience at OGHS. All physicians provided very good feedback to our leaders with many opportunities to focus on during the coming year. As a follow up, leaders will begin to start rounding on physicians on a regular basis. Over the next several months, many of you may be approached by a leader at OGHS and asked a series of questions. This rounding gives us an opportunity to engage with our physicians and open dialogues for additional opportunities for improvement. We value your opinion, so please take some time with our leaders to provide this much needed feedback.


Dr. David Homan Dr. Louis Kerkhoff Dr. Derek Metoyer Dr. Kalyan Veerina Dr. George “Ray” Williams Dr. Angela Adams Dr. Eric Amy Dr. Siby Ayalloore Dr. Chester Dellinger Dr. Craig Frederick Congratulations to each of you and keep up the good work!


The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) and the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) have released updated guidelines for Clostridium difficile infections. For the first time in almost 3 decades, metronidazole is no longer recommended as first-line therapy in adults. Instead, oral vancomycin (125 mg, 4 times a day) or fidaxomicin (200 mg twice daily) are recommended for 10 days in both nonsevere and severe CDI. The change in treatment recommendation was made based on evidence to support that use of vancomycin or fidaxomicin provide patients with the highest likelihood of sustained symptom resolution one month after treatment.

If you would like to submit a topic to be featured in the Physicians’ Press, please contact Chelsea Vidrine, Physician Engagement Coordinator, by the 1st of each month. A brief interview will be conducted, and an

article will be written on your topic of choice. Medical Staff Office – Administration Hallway 337-678-4265

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