Focus Level 5 Workbook Unit 1

1.1 Vocabulary Personality and relationships • adjectives • collocations • phrases THE TIES THAT BIND

SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW 1 Complete the letter with the words from the box. There are three extra words.

WORD STORE 1A Personality adjectives 3 Complete Lena’s message with the correct forms of the words in brackets.

depend fall feel get grow live look (x2) put take


Maggie, Although I’m reluctant to admit it, I think our friendship is over. Ever since you started hanging out with ‘you-know-who’, you’ve gone from down-to-earth (down-to-earth) and 1 (consider) to selfish and 2 (obstinacy). Probably because of her and the other ‘populars’ you now spend all your time with, you’ve become two-faced and no longer 3 (faith) to your former friends. I used to regard you as one of the 4 (sharp) girls in our year and to admire your 5 (prejudice) attitude towards others, but these days you seem to have lost that accepting side and become completely 6 (reverence) towards anyone who doesn’t look, speak and dress the same as you and your new ‘best friends’. You’ve changed, and I miss my old friend. Have a nice life. Lena

Penelope, my beloved daughter, If you are reading this letter, then I have not returned from the battle. Daughter, though you may feel sad, know that I died an honourable death defending my Queen and country. Your uncle, the Duke, will support you in nancial and legal matters, but with your dear mother gone, you are now the head of the family. Despite your youth, you must make every effort to live up to your new responsibilities. Your sisters will now 1 up to you, as you once did to your mother. 2 after them as they 3 up. They 4 on you for support and guidance. Ensure they do not 5 up with the wrong kind of men when that time comes! As the eldest, it is your responsibility to be patient, protective and forgiving with your sisters and to make sure you care for each other and 6 on together as loving siblings. It saddens my heart to leave you all, but know that I go to your mother and that I trust you, Penelope, completely. With all my love. Your father, Lord Mason of Lowefell

2 Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions. Thrust into power by the untimely death of his father, the young Emperor was required to grow up overnight. 1 Of course, the monarchy has to put with intrusions into its private affairs; that’s the price of privilege. 2 The royal couple will never be allowed to split despite their intense dislike of each other. 3 The Duke’s daughter has secretly been going with the admiral’s son for several months. 4 Recent reports suggest the Prime Minister has fallen with the King over the Prince’s behaviour. 5 In his generosity, the King takes his much-admired grandfather, King Eduardo.


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