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Divorce and the Most Wonderful Time of the Year 3 TIPS TO CO-PARENT DURING THE HOLIDAYS

Every part of our culture, from songs to movies, emphasizes the magic of spending the holidays with your loved ones. This can make holidays challenging for families in the wake of a divorce or separation. Kids miss celebrating with both parents at the same time, while parents are faced with the challenge of starting new traditions. There are sure to be growing pains, but that doesn’t mean the holidays will be unhappy. Here are a few helpful tips to make the holidays fun during this new stage of life.

Use your support system.

parenting plan or visitation schedule before talking to your kids about holiday plans. If they spend the holiday with you, be sure they have time to talk to their other parents to help ease the stress of the separation.

There will be times when you spend a holiday without your kids, and this can be a painful experience. It might be tempting to hide away with your grief, but don’t forget, there are people who love you and would love to spend the holidays with you. Reach out to friends and family members and use the time away from your kids to rekindle other relationships. It can be easy to be pulled into resentment or sadness during this time of year, especially if you listen to everyone else’s idea of what a happy holiday looks like. But your family’s holiday can be its own thing! Go in with a positive mindset and do your best to co-parent with your ex throughout the holidays.

Talk to the other parent before making plans.

Having a co-parenting plan or visitation schedule can help make planning for the holidays a lot easier, but if you have holiday plans that go outside the agreement, be sure to communicate them. Misunderstandings and miscommunications lead to heartache for everyone involved. If you have special plans in mind and your ex doesn’t agree with them, be prepared to find a compromise. It can be frustrating, but with patience, you’ll figure out a plan you both agree on.

Never make your children decide who they spend the holiday with.

It’s not fair to put your kids in an awkward, uncomfortable situation by asking them to choose between two of the most important people in their lives. Instead, refer to the co-

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