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Auction closes November 25.  Please note that winning bidders in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia are subject to the appropriate sales tax.


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BACK IN LATE 2014, we received a consignment of several die-cut cards that were known at the time as “Scrapps Tobacco.” Printed on a tab connecting some of the cards in red ink was “H.D.S. & Co.,” a clue which sent us on a lengthy mission. We knew the story of how “Scrapps Tobacco” got their name, as it was a result of a misunderstanding between hobby pioneer Lawrence Kurzok and a young Robert Lifson, who was working on the 1974 edition of the Sports Collectors Bible . After some lengthy research, we discovered that the cards were actually produced by a gum company called H.D. Smith & Co, of Cincinnati. Upon making the discovery, we did what all collectors did when they made a hobby discovery that needed to become a matter of record: We presented our findings to the Standard Catalog , so the next issue could be updated to reflect the new discovery. It wasn’t the first time we reported a discovery to the Standard Catalog , nor was it the last. Though it contained pricing information, the Catalog was, first and foremost, a scholarly publication, perhaps the last of its kind in the hobby. Looking through the “Acknolwedgements” section of the 2014 edition reveals dozens of names of the hobby’s great collectors and researchers, names we still know today: John Brigandi, Scott Brockelman, Ryan Christoff, Jeff Emerson, Bob Fisk, Larry Fritsch, David Hall, Terry Knouse, David Levin, Rob Lifson, Lew Lipset, Marc Macrae, Bob Marquette, Richard Masson, Dan McKee, Frank Nagy, Keith Olbermann, Al Richter, John Rumierz, Kevin Savage, Corey Shanus, Barry Sloate, Frank Ward – the list goes on and on. Knowledgeable collectors, sharing their research and their discoveries to create a single document that was the bible for the hobby. A way for collectors to learn and discover, and a central point to report new findings, errors, variations, and more. The last printed Standard Catalog was published in 2016. It is nearly 2024.

produces such publications and websites as Woodshop News , , Old House Journal and Log & Timber Home Living . To my knowledge, nobody is producing a Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards . In these pages you will find a new discovery of 39 cards from the 1921 Herpolsheimer’s set. Previously thought to be just 69 or 70 known examples, with just one of each player known, this find includes nine new additions to the checklist, plus 30 cards which are now 1 of 2 known. This is a major hobby discovery that changes everything we know about these cards. And everything in the last edition of the Standard Catalog about this set is now wrong. Where do we report it? This is not the first time we’ve asked this question, not even this year. We specialize in difficult to find vintage cards, and that means we sometimes encounter things nobody has ever seen before. We try and spread the knowledge far and wide, but without a single, widely-accepted resource for this information, we still read major auction house descriptions of “Scrapps Tobacco” cards and see grading companies continue to mislabel them. We see grading companies rejecting uncatalogued variations because there’s no place to catalog them, and we see a steady stream of misinformation about cards being disseminated on social media. As the hobby boom of the 2020s creates unprecedented income for businesses and collectors alike, I fear we are losing sight of the fact that this hobby is, at its core, built on the scholarship and research of its pioneers, and continued on by groups of passionate collectors, working together to learn and share knowledge in one place. We’re building vaults, and not building knowledge. The hobby needs a Standard Catalog .

Krause Publications was a division of F&W Media in 2017, when Bob Lemke passed away. F&W filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2019, and in June, the book publishing assets of the company were purchased by Penguin Random House with some individual properties sold off individually. The Krause imprint, under Penguin Random House, continues to publish such titles as US Coin Digest ; Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals ; Pokemon Cards: The Unofficial Ultimate Collector’s Guide ; Warman’s Depression Glass Handbook ; and The Spells Bible: The Definitive Guide to Charms and Enchantments . In 2019, Active Interest Media acquired the “collectibles” magazines from F&W, including Sports Collector’s Digest , whose logo appeared prominently on the cover of the Standard Catalog each year. Sports Collectors Digest still does a wonderful job presenting hobby news in its magazine and website format. In addition to SCD, Active Interest Media

Al Crisafulli Auction Director



Please bear this in mind when bidding. WE DO NOT SHIP IN PADDED ENVELOPES, EXCEPT UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCE INDICATED ABOVE. We generally ship in corrugated boxes, typically wrapped in heavy-duty bubble wrap with other ultra- protective packaging inside. As a result, we cannot reduce your shipping cost. It’s expensive to ship! 5. Residents of Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia are subject to sales tax on purchases unless we have a valid resale certificate on file. We reserve the right to modify our sales tax policies, even mid-auction, as the laws and our responsibilities are currently changing. 6. We accept Paypal, Check or Money Order. We do not accept direct credit card payment, though you can pay by credit card through PayPal. By special arrangement we can accept payment by wire transfer. There is an additional fee of $10 per wire transfer under $10,000. REGISTRATION AND CONSIGNMENT 7. In order to bid, you must be a registered bidder. In order to register, visit and complete the bidder registration. Bidders are required to provide at least one hobby reference in order to register, and registrations are approved manually by management. Thanks to some non- paying bidders, we no longer accept registrations the day of the auction, because we cannot check references when other businesses are closed. Also please note that if “eBay” is your hobby reference, you must provide your eBay ID. By “hobby reference,” we are referring to an individual business entity (for instance, card dealer, auction house, etc) with whom you have done business as a buyer. All registrants must be 18 years of age. Love of the Game reserves the right to refuse any bidder registration or any consignment, for any reason. Registering to bid means you agree to these terms and conditions. 8. Bids can be placed online at by registered bidders, or by phone at (845) 750-6366. Phone bids will be made by proxy, by Love of The Game Auctions staff acting on your behalf as quickly as possible. We promise that we will execute these bids as quickly as possible but cannot take responsibility for internet bids that are placed by other users prior to executing a telephone bid. We also cannot take responsibility for busy phone signals or slow internet connections. 9. We reserve the right to withdraw any item from the auction at any time during the auction, for any reason. This includes after the close of the auction, in the event that there are issues or questions with title, authenticity, clerical error, untimely bid, untimely payment, or other issues related to human or mechanical error. 10. Love of the Game Auctions wishes to conduct a reputable auction with reputable collectors and consignors. As such, Love of the Game Auctions reserves the right to refuse to accept bids or approve bidders for any reason. Similarly, Love of the Game Auctions reserves the right to refuse or withdraw consignments for any reason. PARTICIPATION IN THE AUCTION 11. A bid is a financial commitment, and bidders are responsible for the accuracy of their bids. Once you place a bid, it cannot be retracted. If you’ve got questions about how to bid, please contact us PRIOR TO PLACING YOUR BID. Bidder error does not constitute a reason to retract bids, nor does a lack of understanding of the auction rules. You are required to read and agree to these rules prior to placing a bid. If you have a question, please ask before bidding. YOUR BIDS MAY NOT BE RETRACTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Your bid is binding and cannot be retracted. This includes max bids. 12. 12. Bid increments are as follows: Last Bid Bid Increment $0-49 $5 $50-199 $10 $200-499 $25 $500-$999 $50 $1000-2499 $100 $2500-4999 $250 $5000-9999 $500 $10,000-34,999 $1,000 $35,000+ 5%

1. This auction is conducted by Crisafulli Ventures, LLC, doing business as Love of the Game Auctions. The auction is conducted under the following rules and applicable laws. Consignors and bidders in this auction agree to be bound by these rules. By bidding or consigning, you are expressly agreeing to these terms. If you have any questions, contact us at info@ 2. A buyer’s premium equal to 20% of the high bid will be added to all lots. A $100 winning bidder will thus be charged $120. Any bidder who elects to pay by PayPal will also be subject to a 3% convenience fee on the entire lot. This fee applies only to payments made by PayPal (including credit card payments made through PayPal). 3. This auction closes using the “Double Overtime” method, with a 15-minute rule for the entire auction. In order to bid on an item during the extended bidding session beginning on the date of the auction close, you must place at least one bid on that item prior to 9:00 PM Eastern on the auction closing date. If you do not bid on it by 9PM Eastern on the closing date, you cannot bid on it afterward. To ensure that everyone gets a chance to bid, we will apply the 15-minute rule to the entire auction beginning at 9PM, with the clock resetting every 15 minutes. Bidding continues until no bids have been placed in the entire auction for a full 15-minute interval. As long as there is at least one lot that receives a bid during a 15-minute interval, the entire auction will extend for 15 minutes. Once a 15-minute interval passes without a bid on any item in the auction , the auction will close. At 1:00 AM Eastern, any item that has not received a bid for one hour or more will close without notice. The remaining items will enter “Double Overtime,” with the 15-minute rule applied to the remaining lots. NOTE: There are no exceptions to this. If an item is closed, it is closed and we cannot accept additional bids. This auction may close without notice at any time once the Extended Bidding period begins. We do not guarantee that bidders will receive a “Fair Warning” notice before the auction closes. 4. Winning bids will be subject to additional charges for packing, domestic shipping and insurance. We do not make profit on shipping. As a convenience, we now offer a standardized schedule for packing and shipping, based on the total invoice amount. This standardized schedule is $12 per invoice valued at less than $750; $20 per invoice valued between $750 and $5,000; $35 per invoice valued between $5,000 and $10,000; $50 per invoice valued between $10,000 and $50,000; and $75 per invoice valued greater than $50,000. Bidders who win three or fewer graded cards valued at less than $400 in total may request USPS First Class shipping in a padded mailing envelope for $5, provided that they assume all risk of loss or damage. There are exceptions to the standardized shipping schedule in instances of shipments outside the continental US, or in the instance of large, heavy or fragile items that require special packing or shipping carrier (for example, stadium seats, oversized and framed items, large lots or graded sets), or oversized items such as bats or pennants. In the case of high-value items requiring bonded, insured transport and/or transport by special carrier, the winning bidder will also pay all shipping, packing and insurance charges. ALSO NOTE THIS EXPLANATION OF HOW OUR SHIPPING WORKS: We primarily use the USPS and FedEx for shipping, and generally adhere to the following rules: • If your package is valued at $400 or less, we ship via USPS Priority Mail. • If your package is valued above $400, we ship via USPS Priority Mail with a signature confirmation requirement, USPS Express Mail, or Federal Express, at our discretion. • Oversized packages are shipped FedEx Ground. We generally do not use UPS, as we no longer trust their ability to safely move packages from Point A to Point B without damage or loss, and our experience has been that they do not guarantee their service. Please note, however, that the method of shipping is AT OUR DISCRETION, and we can choose whichever method we feel best fits the item we are shipping. We pride ourselves on packaging all items very carefully and diligently, but cannot honor special packaging and shipping requests.

13. “Max” or “Ceiling” bids can be placed on any lot. They must conform to the proper bidding increment based on a lot’s high bid at the time such a bid is placed. In the event of a tie between bids, the earlier bid received will be recognized as the winning bid. This is especially important with respect to “Max” bids and “straight” bids, because if a bidder places a “straight” bid equal to a “max” bid left by someone earlier, the “max” bid will be considered the winner. 14. We cannot see max bids. We do not have access to max bids in any way. If you choose to leave a max bid, we will not know the amount of that bid. We do not have a fancy brand name for this; we just call it “integrity.” It should go without saying. 15. Consignors may not bid on their own materials. Love of the Game Auctions reserves the right to cancel any bid should we believe that bid was made by a consignor, or representative of a consignor, bidding on his/her own materials. We reserve the right to decline consignments for the same reason, at any point before, during, or even after the auction, if we believe a consignor or his proxy is placing bids on his lots. Love of the Game Auctions is the sole arbiter of this decision, and by participating in the auction, both bidders and consignors agree to this. 16. Our auction system generates electronic bid confirmations and outbid notices electronically and automatically. Love of the Game Auctions cannot guarantee that you’ll receive the emails or text messages, however. We recommend checking the status of your bids online periodically. 17. We do not have hidden reserves. Occasionally, on certain high- value items, we will institute a reserve to protect our consignor. Approximately one week prior to the auction closing, we disclose the specific dollar amount of any reserves that have not been met. When we disclose the reserve, the current bid will be set to one increment below the reserve amount, and the next bid will meet the reserve. PLEASE NOTE: The reserve should be treated as a “bidder.” If you choose to leave a max bid that is greater than the reserve, your bid will automatically meet the reserve, and you will become the high bidder at the reserve price. There is never a hidden reserve. It is our policy to disclose whether an item has a reserve, right in the description of that item. If a reserve is not noted, and the item receives a bid, it will sell. If the bidding meets the reserve, the item will sell. We do not permit consignors to add reserves after the auction is underway, and we will not accept a consignment with a reserve unless it is specifically agreed upon prior to the auction. 18. Love of the Game Auctions, its owner or employees are not permitted to bid on any lot in the auction, under any circumstances. Bidders are not bidding against any “house account.” There is no “house account.” 19. Unsold or unpaid lots may be privately sold or re-auctioned at our discretion. Should Love of the Game elect to pay the consignor for an unpaid lot, we take ownership of that item and can re-sell it at our discretion. 20. If, for any reason, our auction is interrupted during bidding, Love of the Game Auctions may elect to extend bidding beyond the stated closing date or time. In the case of a serious outage that we feel impacts bidding, Love of the Game Auctions may elect to take more extreme measures to ensure that bidding is fair and all bidders have had sufficient opportunities to place their bids. Such measures may include stopping all bidding and re- starting from the point of stoppage on a subsequent day, and/or pushing the scheduled auction closing to a later date, or any other remedy that we feel is appropriate. This decision is entirely at the discretion of Love of the Game, and by bidding in our auction, you agree to this. If any bidder experiences a problem bidding, they should contact us at PAYMENT AND DELIVERY 21. Payment must be received on all winning bids within 14 calendar days of notification of items won. This is not negotiable, as it is important to us to pay our consignors as quickly as possible. Notifications and invoices are sent by email, except in the event that a phone bidder has no email address. These methods shall constitute “notification” of winning. It is your responsibility to check your account to see if you are a winning bidder. Any bidder not paid in full within 14 days of notification may have future bidding and consigning privileges revoked, and will be subject to legal action.


31. Photo authentication: We have deep respect for the various photo authenticators in our field. However, we only recognize the opinion of one firm in the hobby: PSA/DNA. While we reserve the right to change this opinion in the future, it is our current policy. In the event that we offer a photo that does not carry a Letter of Authenticity from PSA/DNA, you can trust that that photo has been thoroughly scrutinized and is guaranteed to pass as advertised with PSA/DNA if noted. This guarantee is good for 90 days after the close of the auction in which the item was purchased, and must be accompanied by a rejection letter from PSA/DNA. It should be noted that unless expressly stated in our description, we provide no guarantees on framed or mounted photos. 32. Game-Worn/Used Items: For game-used items, we recognize the LOA of PSA/DNA, MEARS, Dave Grob, Dave Miedema or the individual sports or athletes. 33. General Statement on Authentication and Grading: Graded and authenticated items are sold “as is.” We cannot, and will not, be responsible for an item that results in a difference of opinion on authenticity or grade between two competing companies. We will not issue refunds on items that have been authenticated by one company but rejected or graded lower by another after purchase. When we sell an item, we are selling it along with the opinion rendered by the firm that examined it, and nothing more. 34. Framed items: We frequently sell framed items. We assess the condition and eye appeal of framed items based on how they appear in the frame. Unless noted otherwise, framed items are not examined outside the frame, and it is possible that – good or bad – there are issues underneath the frame that are not taken into account when assessing grade. Framed items are sold “as is.” This also applies to dry-mounted or shrinkwrapped items. Further, while we do our best to package everything safely and securely to prevent damage, we are not responsible for frame or glass breakage that happens during shipping. The winning bidder assumes all risk associated with frame or glass breakage in transit. In the instance that a framed item should be damaged in shipping due to glass breakage, the buyer’s remedy, if any, shall be solely against the shipping company transporting the item. Should we sell an item that resides in a frame, we are selling the item inside the frame, and not the frame itself . Should the item be damaged in transit, we can take appropriate measures to refund or replace it. We do not, however, warrant the frame. HOUSEKEEPING 35. Any person who registers for the auction agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions, and accepts them freely. Anyone who places a bid agrees to personally guarantee payment on any winning bid. 36. Love of the Game Auctions will not be held liable for any damages or claims arising of or in connection with the sale of any item. 37. In no event and under no circumstance will the liability of Love of the Game exceed the purchase price paid for any lot. 38. These terms and conditions shall be enforced in accordance of the law of the State of New York. Any claims arising from this auction shall be brought in the appropriate court in the State of New York, Ulster County. In the event the Love of the Game Auctions is the prevailing party in any such claim, it shall be entitled to the recovery of all attorney fees and costs, whether or not such remedy is entitled by law. 39. Love of the Game Auctions and Crisafulli Ventures reserve the right to amend these rules at any time, for any reason, without notification. It is the responsibility of our bidders and consignors to review these rules prior to bidding in any auction; continuing to bid in our auction serves as your repeated agreement to these rules and policies. PRIVACY POLICY We value your privacy, and are committed to protecting it. When you register for our auction, or consign material to us, we collect your information and store it in our system. We may also automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser. We utilize your contact information so that we can communicate with you, send you periodic marketing emails or “snail mail,” ship you your goodies, and send you money when you consign your valuable material to us. Any personal information that we maintain is stored on a secure server courtesy of our friends at CreateAuction and Mailchimp (our email software provider). We do not sell or rent our customer lists. We do not store credit card information on our servers.

Additionally, we will publish the full name and location of all reneging bidders in our printed catalog, on our website and on our social media as a reneging bidder, and we will forward your name to other auction houses for informational purposes. Should an account be late with payment more than once, it is our policy to assign a credit limit to that account. Your bidding in our auction constitutes agreement to all these rules and policies, especially this one. Payments by check or money order should be made to Love of the Game Auctions, PO Box 3931, Kingston, NY, 12402 We make every effort to ship as quickly as possible. We generally ship under a “First In, First Out” policy, meaning we ship packages in the order that payment was received, unless there are extenuating circumstances. If you make your payment by PayPal or credit card, your payment is processed immediately and forwarded to shipping. This does not mean your item will be shipped right away. It means it is “ready to ship,” and is in queue with all the other packages that have been paid for. We hold all checks for 7 days. Please note that the above does not say “we hold all checks until they clear,” it says “we hold all checks for 7 days.” Our bank has advised us that the best way to avoid issues is to hold each check for 7 days. This means that on the 8th day, we make sure checks have cleared, and then we forward the invoice to shipping. This does not mean your item will be shipped right away. It means it is “ready to ship,” and is in queue with all the other packages that have been paid for. We realize this is a one-week delay, which is partially why the buyer’s premium is 3% less for buyers who pay by check than for those who pay by Paypal. While it does require some patience, we can assure you that we are still quicker than most auction houses. 22. Insurance is provided by Collectibles Insurance Services. The buyer assumes the risk of loss on all items purchased once we ship said items. Shipping carriers are chosen at our discretion. In no event and under no circumstance will the liability of Love of the Game exceed the purchase price paid for any lot. 23. We will not commit customs fraud on packages shipped outside the United States. 24. All items are purchased “AS IS” and may not be returned for any reason. No returns are permitted. 25. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Bid retractions are not permitted for any reason. Once a bid is placed, it may not be retracted. All items are offered “as is.” 26. We accept Paypal, checks, certified checks, cash or money orders. We do not accept any other form of payment. We can, by special arrangement, accept payment by wire transfer. Wire transfers under $10,000 are subject to an additional $10 fee. We ship as soon as possible after payment in full is received. Ownership of any lot does not pass to the winning bidder until the lot is paid for in full, nor do we ship items to winning bidders without first receiving payment. 27. If a winning bidder has not honored his/her winning bid per these terms and conditions, then Love of the Game Auctions is entitled to sell the winning lot, re-auction the lot, or hold the non-paying bidder responsible for the entire amount, at our discretion, with the bidder responsible for the difference between the price received at resale and the non-paying bidder’s original bid. Love of the Game Auctions is also entitled to publicly disclose the names and locations of all reneging bidders, as well as any aliases or online handles. Bidding in our auction constitutes your agreement to our auction rules. As a bidder, you agree that a non-paying bidder is responsible for any and all losses incurred, plus all fees and/or commissions related to the subsequent sale of the item(s). Reneging or non-paying bidders are also responsible for interest charges at the rate of 2% per month for all outstanding balances until paid in full, as well as all legal fees and court costs incurred by Love of the Game Auctions in our efforts to collect their unpaid debt. In other words, if a winning bidder does not pay in full, he/she agrees to be held responsible for the value of the lot, any losses incurred as a result of having to re-sell the lot, plus interest charges of 2% per month on all unpaid balances, plus legal and court fees. AUTHENTICITY, GRADES, DESCRIPTIONS, and CAVEAT EMPTOR 28. Love of the Game Auctions makes every attempt to describe each item in our sale as accurately as possible. We do not “sweeten” or otherwise enhance any scans or images, save for general unsharp mask or image re-sizing, general color correction of photographs, and cropping out unsightly background distractions with the magical Photoshop program. Occasionally, an item in our

auction may appear differently in the catalog photograph than in person, due solely to lighting or white balance. We do not enhance scans or photographs, but we do shine light on items we are photographing, in an effort to ensure it is as visible as possible. Despite all this, subtle variations in print color, computer monitors, background lighting, and even camera and scanner settings could result in a catalog or website image not being 100% color accurate, and we make no such guarantees. We cannot accept returns due to discrepancies over color, brightness, contrast, flaws, etc. Any bidder who is unsure of an item’s true appearance is more than welcome to contact us with questions or to schedule an in-person preview or receive additional photographs. Similarly, we cannot accept returns on graded items because of a condition issue or flaw that is not addressed in the written description of an item. This includes marks, discolorations, stains, or any other defect that might not have been described in our written description or is not easily visible in the scan or photo. 29. Card grading and authenticity: We utilize the card grading service of PSA and SGC, and are authorized dealers of each. Additionally, we occasionally offer cards graded by CSG, Beckett or, on rare occasion, GAI. As stated above, we make every effort to properly represent and describe items in our auction. However, we cannot be held responsible for the opinion of a third-party grader or authenticator. As most collectors understand, opinions on grade or authenticity, while typically rendered by skilled workers with vast experience, are exactly that: opinions. We cannot guarantee that every card graded by a third-party grading service, or every item authenticated by a professional authenticator, would receive the same grade upon resubmission to a different (or even the same) grading service, nor would we guarantee that the item would receive a grade or be authenticated at all. All we can tell you is the number on the holder and the company that graded it. This is important: if a graded card that we sell is subsequently discovered to be overgraded or altered, we cannot be held responsible. We do our best to ensure that the items we sell are as described, but we cannot be held responsible for the opinion of an unrelated party, including the accuracy of a grade and whether flaws or alterations were “missed.” We do not warrant or guarantee any item authenticated or graded by a third party. Graded and/or authenticated items are sold “as is.” THIS IS IMPORTANT: Love of the Game shall not in any way be liable for any defect (either patent or latent) or controversy pertaining to or arising from any encapsulated collectible. In any such instance, the buyer’s remedy, if any, shall be solely against the authentication or grading company certifying the collectible. All graded cards are sold “as is” with no exceptions. Your participation in the auction constitutes your acknowledgement, agreement and acceptance of this rule. Furthermore, we do our best to accurately describe the condition of ungraded items in our auction. We do not guarantee that a bidder, consignor, grading or authenticating company will agree with our descriptions. Our descriptions, like those of the grading and authentication companies, are based on our opinions . We try to be as detailed and thorough as possible, but occasionally make errors in descriptions or images. Any error we discover or that is brought to our attention will be rectified as quickly as possible, provided that such an error is an actual error , and not an issue of opinion or speculation . 30. Autograph authentication: We utilize the autograph authentication services of James Spence Authentication and PSA/DNA, exclusively. We do recognize the LOAs of Beckett, GAI, Major League Baseball and its individual players and SGC Authentic, and occasionally sell items authenticated by those companies. Similar to card grading, the opinion of an autograph authenticator is an opinion, and we cannot be held responsible for differences of opinion between authentication companies. Authenticated, signed items are sold “as is.” We do not warrant or guarantee authenticity of any item authenticated by a third party authenticator, nor do we guarantee that an item authenticated by one company will be authenticated by another - or even by that same company, upon resubmission. With respect to any large lots of authenticated autographed items, we offer these lots with the understanding that a few of the items in such a lot may not be authentic. When rendering an opinion on such a lot, authenticators may spend more time verifying the authenticity of the “key” items, and thus an inauthentic signature may occasionally slip by. All bidders who choose to bid on such lots do so with this understanding.




Featured Items.........................................................................................................................6 Great Cards...........................................................................................................................17 Prewar Baseball Memorabilia.............................................................................................31 1949-Present Baseball Memorabilia..................................................................................36 Baseball Tickets and Passes................................................................................................38 Vintage Baseball Photography...........................................................................................39 Baseball Postcards................................................................................................................45 19th Century Baseball Cards..............................................................................................46 1900-1948 Baseball Cards...................................................................................................57 George Sisler Special Collection........................................................................................69 Band-Aid Box Find of 1921 Herpolsheimer’s..................................................................73 1949-Present Baseball Cards..............................................................................................86 Football Cards....................................................................................................................100 Miscellaneous Sports Cards..............................................................................................102 Signed Baseballs.................................................................................................................108 Signed Baseball Cards.......................................................................................................109 Shibe Park Autographed Card Collection......................................................................111 Signed Flats, Photos, etc....................................................................................................141 Miscellaneous Sports Autographs....................................................................................145 TABLE OF CONTENTS IMPORTANT NOTE: Customers in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia are subject to the appropriate state sales tax if we do not have a valid resale certificate on file.

AL CRISAFULLI – Auction Director ANDREW ARONSTEIN – Operations Manager SANDY CRISAFULLI – Finance Manager DAVID HORNISH – Research/Copywriter STEPHANIE KOWALSKY – Graphic Designer TERRY MELIA – Research/Copywriter EVELYN MARIE ROSE – Imaging Specialist


1. Newly-Discovered 1921 Herpolsheimer’s Babe Ruth (HOF) - PSA FR 1.5 - One of His Rarest Cards

Incredible, newly-discovered Babe Ruth card from the enigmatic 1921 Herpolsheimer’s issue, one of Ruth’s most rare cards with only two examples known. Herpolsheimer’s Boys Fashion Shop, a Grand Rapids, Michigan department store for the younger male set, apparently commissioned a set of cards using familiar W575-1/E121 strip card images that were either never issued or barely made it out to the public in 1921. The issue was discovered in 2004 when a group of 69 or 70 were sold individually on eBay, each card unique as there was only one card of each player. The discovery generated a huge hobby buzz as the issue had never been seen before, and collectors scrambled to obtain one. The cards subsequently filtered into the hobby and the Herpolsheimer’s issue joined sets like Tango Eggs and Shotwell Manufacturing as the subject of research and speculation about whether the cards were ever actually issued. Cards from the initial find make themselves available occasionally, and are always the subject of spirited bidding. This example is part of a second find, dating to a 2019 Grand Rapids estate sale where the card was one of 39 1921 Herpolsheimer cards discovered in an old Band-Aid box. This “Band-Aid Box Find” was introduced to the Net54 Baseball message board in late 2019, yielding a number of Hall of Famers and newly-discovered subjects, most notably this Ruth. The Ruth becomes the second-known example and increases the likelihood that the 1921 Herpolsheimer cards actually were distributed to customers somehow, but remain incredibly rare. The card has been graded FAIR 1.5 by PSA due to overall wear, the most noteworthy flaws related to the back. A series of surface abrasions break the surface of the reverse inside the printing of the word “Fashion,” also scuffing away some ink elsewhere in the printing. In the area outside the bottom border, some long ago- erased pencil writing is barely visible. It should be noted that the remaining 38 cards in the find also have similar markings, though

the grader who assessed those cards elected to address it with an “MK” qualifier. In this case, though the card has no qualifier, the marking is present, not readily visible in the scan. Surface, corner and edge wear consistent with the grade is visible on the front, most notably along the left edge, where chipping and a tiny edge wrinkle is apparent. Regardless of the flaws, the card front presents stronger, the image area largely clean, save for a tiny, light-colored blemish at Ruth’s waist, and a few stray marks here and there. At first glance, the card appears VG. Even with this discovery, the 1921 Herpolsheimer’s is one of Babe Ruth’s rarest cards, with only two surviving examples known. The story of the discovery of the 1921 Herpolsheimer’s cards is the stuff of hobby legend, and obtaining an example has been a white whale of many advanced collectors. Only 110 or so collectors can own one. Only two can own a Ruth. One of the most rare and important baseball cards we have ever offered. MINIMUM BID: $25,000


2. 1910 Punch Cigarros John Henry “Pop” Lloyd - SGC AUTHENTIC Impossibly rare first card of Hall of Fame shortstop John Henry “Pop” Lloyd, one of what we believe to be just two known examples. One of the most important of all Negro League cards, this is one of the key cards from one of the most elusive and highly prized of all Cuban issues. Ranked #27 on Bill James’ list of all-time greats, Lloyd is credited with a .343 batting average across a 27-year career, a lightning-fast baserunner and elite defender. Considered the greatest shortstop in Negro League history, Babe Ruth was thought to believe Lloyd to be the greatest player ever. Lloyd was called the “Black Wagner” by some, a nickname to which Honus Wagner himself famously replied “It’s an honor to be compared with him.”

The Punch Cigarros issue is among the most rare and desirable of all Cuban card sets, with very few surviving examples known. Many of the most advanced prewar and Negro League collections are without a Punch Cigarros card, simply due to their extreme rarity. The cards were issued in conjunction with a Cuban visit by the Detroit Tigers and Philadelphia Athletics, the set consisting of players from those two teams as well as the Almendares and Havana ballclubs. The current known checklist is considered incomplete, with only one or two surviving examples of many of the known subjects. Complete sets of the cards could be exchanged for an album; it is speculated that this contributed to the rarity of the set today. The cards were produced on photographic paper glued to a cardboard backing measuring approximately 1 1/4” x 1 7/8”. Of the surviving cards, very few (a half dozen or so) have been found with the backing, the remaining examples - such as this - are all graded AUTHENTIC as a result. The card has not been trimmed. As is the case with all Cuban issues, the Punch Cigarros cards are extremely condition-sensitive; this example presents extremely well, save for a small insect hole to the left of Lloyd’s image. Such flaws are common to Cuban cards; the climate is conducive to such paper damage. Some additional surface and edge wear is evident.

Major League Baseball’s 2020 announcement that it would recognize seven Negro Leagues as major leagues and adopt their statistics into the official record has had a profound impact on baseball fans; as curiosity and interest in Negro League stars begins to pique, its elite players are beginning to establish their place in the hobby. In our Summer, 2023 auction, a 1923 Aguilitas Oscar Charleston card sold for more than $140,000, the highest price ever paid for a Charleston card in any grade. As the Negro Leagues’ greatest players begin to become household names, hobbyists and investors are becoming aware of the extreme rarity and historical significance of those players’ collectibles. Demand has never been higher. One of the most important of all Negro League cards, from one of the most rare and desirable of all Cuban sets. One of just two examples known of the first card to picture one of the greatest players of all-time, John Henry “Pop” Lloyd. Please note: due to the extreme rarity of this card, it is being offered with a reserve, to protect the investment our consignor made in it more than ten years ago. As is our policy, should the bidding not meet the reserve beforehand, we will disclose the number approximately 7 days before the auction close. Please see our terms and conditions regarding reserves. MINIMUM BID: $25,000


3. Spectacular Signed 1939 Play Ball #92 Ted Williams (HOF RC) - PSA/DNA MINT 9 - Likely the Finest in Existence!

Extraordinary rookie card of Ted Williams, signed in thick, blue ink by the then-young Boston outfielder. The card boasts a wonderful midgrade appearance, well-centered and clean with honest wear at the corners. Williams’ elegant signature was carefully applied diagonally, centered nearly perfectly from left-to-right. The card is the clear highlight of an original owner autograph collection featured in these pages, the result of a dedicated and patient young collector who would bring his cards to a train station near Shibe Park in Philadelphia and wait for ballplayers to disembark from incoming trains prior to games. Many of the cards were subsequently stored in an album, where they remained as he grew up, had a family and eventually passed. The cards were eventually removed from the albums and stored safely away until making their way to Love of the Game this past summer. Autographed baseball cards were not always the desirable collectibles they are today. In earlier days, autographing a baseball card was considered taboo; collecting purists believed the signature destroyed the condition of the card, making it less desirable. Eventually, however, collectors began to realize that this unwritten rule had an unintended effect: signed vintage cards were hard to find . The result of this is that PSA has just 16 signed examples of this card in the PSA/DNA population report. This example is surely one of - if not the finest. With a beautiful vintage signature that was likely obtained in the year the card was issued, we were thrilled that PSA/DNA recognized its beauty by assigning it a grade of MINT 9, reflecting the thick, evenly-applied blue ink, the elegant signature of the Splendid Splinter virtually jumping off the card. The card front boasts a midgrade appearance, well-centered with honest wear at the corners. We did not request a numerical grade on the card when submitting to PSA, content with an AUTHENTIC assessment. A lower technical grade would likely be assigned as a result of paper remnants on the reverse that reflect its former scrapbook mounting. Regardless, the eye appeal is tremendous.

With signed, vintage cards in high demand, this example checks all the boxes: well-centered, clean image with a beautiful vintage signature, centered well on the canvas and graded MINT 9 by the leader in autograph authentication and card grading, and with remarkable provenance. A truly outstanding card, the highlight of a wonderful original-owner collection of autographed cards obtained in person by a dedicated young autograph collector, an unknown hobby pioneer decades ahead of his time. MINIMUM BID: $15,000


4. 1908 American League Publishing Co. Ty Cobb (HOF) - SGC PR 1 Produced by a Cleveland publishing company of the same name, the American League Publishing Company set of 1908 was a small postcard set that consisted of 14 members of the Cleveland Indians, plus Ty Cobb and Honus Wagner. Most of the cards feature black and white photography and printing (though a few have been discovered with red or green overprints), each containing a posed photo with an inset portrait. Though any card from the set is extremely desirable, the card of Ty Cobb is unquestionably the most valuable of the 16 known cards in the checklist. In fact, it is one of the most valuable of all Ty Cobb’s cards due to its extreme rarity, with just four examples having been graded by PSA and SGC combined.

The posed image of Cobb is a familiar one - the same image used for his desirable T206 “Bat on Shoulder” pose. The inset portrait photo of Cobb is an interesting one, picturing Cobb in street clothes, wearing an elaborately-designed medal that was his award for winning the batting title in 1907. The card has been graded PR 1 by SGC, largely due to postal use (the card carries a 1915 postmark), with some areas of staining on both front and back, and some very minor smudging of the images. Corner and edge wear is minor, as are some small areas of surface wear, including a couple of minor creases breaking the surface of the card inside the inset portrait. Unquestionably among the most valuable of all Cobb’s cards, so scarce that it is virtually never sold at public auction. One of the most rare and desirable of all Ty Cobb’s cards, highly prized by all Cobb collectors, surely worthy of being the centerpiece of any advanced prewar collection. MINIMUM BID: $7,500


5. 1914 Cracker Jack #30 Ty Cobb (HOF) - PSA VG-EX 4

One of the keys to the 1914 Cracker Jack set, Ty Cobb was coming off his seventh consecutive (of an eventual twelve overall) American League batting titles amidst what was an unprecedented run of hitting prowess. This example of the Tigers superstar is, in our opinion, an exceptional card for the grade. The corners have rounded gently and evenly, with the slightest of wrinkles evident on the bottom right one. The edges are all ruler-straight and while there is some product staining typical for the issue, it remains light and mostly visible in the borders, with just a few light areas seen on Cobb’s uniform. The red background is bright and clean and the image of Cobb is amazingly dark and strong, with an even surface enhancing the look. Centering is pushed ever so slightly to the right. The reverse also exhibits signs of product stains, grouping from the middle toward the bottom. They appear reasonably light excepting a few darker spots along the bottom border. It’s a Cracker Jack, so its seen the inside of a package and made contact with the toffee-coated popcorn and peanuts but seems to have been fished out early in the sales cycle and survived to this day with a pleasant and attractive appearance. The result is a pleasing, mid grade example of one of the most important cards of one of the tougher, more widely-collected card sets of the era. MINIMUM BID: $10,000


6. 1933 Goudey #92 Lou Gehrig (HOF) - PSA EX-MT 6

Classic baseball cards don’t get much more classic than this. Lou Gehrig’s #92 low number in the granddaddy of all gum card sets offers a classic batting pose on a card that is just alive with dramatic color. The Iron Horse’s sheer power is on full display with a slight centering bias to the right and corners just barely touched. The white borders are bright, with just a hint of foxing seen in the upper left. The registration is flawless, the composition superb.Flipping the card over reveals a beautifully preserved back, with the green text looking almost alive. Everything is there and it all looks outstanding. Gehrig’s prowess was virtually unmatched and this card is a fine testament to his talent and the fantastic freshman effort put forth by the Goudey Gum Company. MINIMUM BID: $5,000

7. 1910 E98 Honus Wagner (HOF - Blue Background) - PSA GOOD+ 2.5

Prior to the discovery of the “Black Swamp Find” of E98 cards several years ago, cards from the issue were considered somewhat difficult to obtain, the condition-sensitive cards typically found in low grades with weak eye appeal. Visually-pleasing examples that had been “circulated” among collectors in their year of issue were highly desirable. Though the Black Swamp Find has dramatically increased the population of high-grade E98 cards in the hobby, those “circulated” examples remain popular and highly prized among advanced collectors today, particularly when the background color is not one known to be a part of the find. In the case of the Honus Wagner card from the set, Black Swamp examples seem to have been largely restricted to red and green-background examples. Orange and blue-background specimens remain in short supply, considered condition-sensitive, clearly “circulated” cards. We often express our opinion that “circulated” E98s and BSF E98s should almost be considered separate sets. Presented here is an attractive and well-centered blue-background example of Honus Wagner’s card from the E98 issue. Clean and attractive, the card has attained a grade of GOOD+ 2.5 by PSA, due largely to corner and edge wear, most visible along the right edge, factory cut with a very slight tilt. PSA has graded eight in total, with none higher, a testament to the condition-sensitivity of the issue. There is a small bit of paper loss along the right border and some light soiling in the upper right corner with a well-preserved image of the Pirates Hall-of-Famer in a natural throwing pose offered. A small amount of foxing is seen on the reverse, but overall, an outstanding presentation on a very difficult card. MINIMUM BID: $2,500


8. 1917 Boston Store #180 Honus Wagner (HOF) - PSA VG 3

Though more scarce, the Boston Store set catalogued as H801-8 utilizes the same 200-card base set (though some variations are known) as the Collins-McCarthy issue, a clean and stark black and white photographic set similar in design to a number of other baseball sets released in the early 1920s. The cards were produced on thin stock with a glossy surface, making them susceptible to creasing and wrinkles. Featuring promotional advertising for a Chicago department store, the cards are very scarce and desirable today. This is a clean example of one of the issue’s keys, that of Honus Wagner at the tail end of his legendary career. Graded VG 3 by PSA, the card features some light wear and soiling, particularly at the corners, with some corner wrinkling evident, particularly at the top left. An extraordinary card, one of the tougher cards of the Flying Dutchman. MINIMUM BID: $3,000

9. c.1914 Shoeless Joe Jackson Original Type 1 Photo by George Grantham Bain (PSA/DNA)

Cleveland’s slugging outfielder Shoeless Joe Jackson entered training camp in 1914 fresh from arguably the three most significant campaigns of his career. Long before the two World Series appearances (1917, 1919) that perhaps defined him, Jackson’s reputation as one of the greatest hitters of all-time began to manifest as he batted .408, .395, and .373 consecutively between 1911- 13, leading the majors in hits hits during both 1912 and 1913. Displaying a date stamp of March 23, 1914 on verso, the presented 3.5” x 5” original photograph of “Shoeless Joe” appears to have been captured at the Naps spring facility in Athens, GA, shortly before the superstar’s final season in Cleveland began. Consistent with originals from Bain’s news photo service, the photo has been developed on contact print paper with fine details remaining clearly visible in the foreground throughout the 25-year-old Jackson’s uniform and facial features. The print exhibits some waviness along the edges, which is typical of original photos of this era, with mild rounding of all four corners. George Grantham Bain’s credit stamping is proudly displayed on reverse among several handwritten notations, one of which gently bleeds through below surface of emulsion by Jackson’s left ear. Interestingly, this image is a companion to another image of Jackson shot at the same location and ultimately used as the source material for Joe’s 1914 B18 blanket. Authenticated and encapsulated as a Type 1 photo by PSA/DNA. MINIMUM BID: $2,500


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