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February 1, 1948 JESUS CHRIST IS LORD OF ALL P hil . 2:9-11


IT'S AN IDEA Rev. Carlton C. Buck

Idea 1. Jesus said, “ Ye shall be $ witnesses.” . One evening, for your § £ testimony meeting a “ Christian j £ Witness” stand could be arranged: S Members of your group could be $ S called to the witness stand to testi- 5“ J. fy for their Lord, Idea 2. Ten Lifework Recruits J in the Christian Church at New'S berg, Oregon, have organized what $ they have named “ The Six-Eight $ J Club.” They call themselves the ^ ■ “ Six-Eighters” because they, like S S . - . . . . . . . . Isaiah of old, have answered God’s 3* call to service by saying, “ Here am $ I, send me” (Isa. 6 :8 ). We think S S S it is a good idea. S s s s s s s s $ S modern times. Special^materials S be done in your group to celebrate the founding o f this, the first of all Christian youth organizations of may be secured from the Interna- S tional Society of Christian En- deavor, Box 1110, Columbus 16, S I Ohio. I S Idea 4. For several o f your S •f, February meetings, the topics are $ S on “ Courtship and Marriage.” It 5 J would be well if you would invite § 5 as your honored guests at one o f $ these meetings a Christian man § S and wife who have celebrated their 5 «> Golden Anniversary. e S S A' young as well as the old into paths of licentious lust. Liquor with itg accom­ paniment of jazz music, the dance, the floor show, and the ribald conversation does not bring forth godly thoughts and holy desires. All worldly amusements should be avoided. L overs S hould I nvite G od ’ s P resence P sa . 55:14 In the past, lovers attended church services and entered into church activi­ ties. They rejoiced together in the holy atmosphere of the house of God. They planned their lives under Christian in­ fluences. They met where God’s Word was loved and -God’s plan for life was accepted. The result was a godly court­ ship, the establishment of a godly home, and the rearing of a happy family. Divorce was almost unknown. So it should be today. True love flourishes in the atmosphere o f the gospel amid the songs of Zion. Page Seventeen ü ü ■

T HROUGHOUT the Scriptures, the Lordship of Christ is emphasized. The mark o f salvation in the soul is that Jesus is Lord of the soul. The heart and life of the sinner must be transferred from Satan and the world to the domination of the risen Jesus whom God has made both Lord and Christ. He demands full allegiance and loyalty. He expects the Christian to fol­ low Him implicitly, obey Him fully, and love Him dearly. This intimate walk with Christ enables one to keep His Word and obey His will. C hrist I s L ord in S alvation R om . 10:9 The Christian life is distinguished by a loyalty and obedience to the person of Christ Jesus the Lord. The passage to which we have referred indicates that the inward relationship to Christ is known by the outward testimony to •Him. God can see into the heart and He knows who belongs to Him, but men must hear a Christian say so to know this same fact. The Christian life is a constant confession of His Lordship day by day and in every place. It is an audi­ ble confession, not an indication by lift­ ing the hand, or by standing, or any other physical exercise. C hrist I s L ord in the C hurch E ph . 1:22 Christianity is sadly marred by many divisions. Yet in many groups there are those who own no master except the risen Christ. Romanism has displaced Christ and put in His stead Mary, the pope, cardinal, archbishop, bishop, and priest. Men have always envied Jesus His position as Lord of the church, and so Satan has invented many substitutes which they readily accept. However, the day is coming when every knee must bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. The Christian should receive his instructions from the Lord Jesus at the present time. C hrist I s L ord in the P ersonal L ife J ohn 20:28 Those who do the will of the risen Saviour find a path o f fruitfulness and of peace. The wounds o f Jesus which Thomas beheld caused him to acknowl­ edge Jesus as the Lord of his life. The One who bought him with His precious blood henceforth had supervision over his personal life. The price which Jesus paid was in some little measure to be repaid by a life of devotion, consecra­ tion, and service on the part of this disciple. When this is done, the life be­ comes valuable, useful, and fruitful for God. Let us acknowledge Him as our Lord and our God. C hrist I s L ord in S ervice A cts 9:5 Because of our limited capacity and ignorance, it is necessary for someone J A N U A R Y , I 9 4 8


Dr. Walter L. Wilson

who knows human hearts and human affairs to direct our activities. The Lord Jesus who created men and lived among them knows all about men. He is there­ fore best fitted to show us how to do His work. As" soon as Paul met. the Saviour, immediately he laid his superb talent and tireless energy at the disposal of the risen Lord. Thus, his life became marvelously useful, his ministry was most profitable, and his service bore fruit for eternity.

Ide dea


$ s i I s s f s s s

February 8, 1948 KEEPING COURTSHIP CHRISTIAN G en . 29:16-20; R uth 2:8-17

Dr. Wilson I N these days there is a tendency to feel that “ desire makes right.” There has been a laying aside of those restrain­ ing influences which once guarded human lives when engaged in the sweetest of associations. We need to return to the Word of God and the holy restraints which the Scripture imposes to preserve from tragedy, sorrow, tears, and wreck­ ed lives. The wise God gave wise counsel that we might be wise in our intimate associations. We will show our wisdom by conforming to the teachings of the Scripture in the matter of courtship. L overs S hould A ttend P roper P laces H eb . 10:25 The world and the devil know that “ evil communications corrupt good man­ ners.” They know that wicked surround­ ings produce wicked thoughts and de­ sires. Sinful enjoyment leads to. seeds of wickedness. The theater, the tavern, and sports (in evil surroundings) lead the

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