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"WHY THESE SHOULD NOT BE JOINED" E z r a 9:10-15; 10:10-12; N um . 36:6-10

S INCE marriage is a life contract, there should be no clashing of per­ sonalities. There are some who will not work with others; some will not or can­ not conform their lives to the wishes of others. Dispositions clash and sometimes people think that marriage will cure this. Usually this does not work out and the result is tragic. When those who cannot agree are forced to live to­ gether, the result is disastrous. There­ fore great care in regard to this very matter should be exercised before mar­ riage. There must be a union of lives, hearts, and dispositions in a successful marriage. Two L ives M ust A gree A mos . 3:3 If the husband and wife do not agree in regard to the things of God, then the home will not be happy. If their minds do not meet in regard to finances, there will be constant trouble. I f they are not agreed concerning their relatives, there will be wrangling all the time. If there is a difference of opinion in regard to the use of spare time, there will not be a union of hearts and disagreement and disappointment will be the result. The love flame must be fanned continually if there is to be an overlooking of dif­ ferences between lovers. Two P urposes M ust C oincide E ph . 5 :31 It should be the purpose of each hus­ band and wife to establish a home in which the Word of God will be obeyed, the Son o f God trusted, and the Spirit of God allowed to lead. If either one February "LET NOT MAN M att . 19:3-9; G OD never intended for marriage to be a “ try-out” or an experiment. Present day teaching in many circles encourages such practice, but it is ut­ terly wicked and anti-Christian. God never meant for husbands and wives to disagree to such an extent that they must separate. Selfishness, greed, and lust all combine to break up that sacred institution called marriage. D ivorce S prings from P hysical D ifferences 1 C or . 7 :2 It is natural for one to desire the fellowship o f the opposite sex. God has given natural emotions for linking lives together and for propagating the race. In this realm, as in all others, Satan has invaded the sacred domain and sought to pervert that which God has J A N U A R Y , I 9 4 8

fails in this objective, then the blessing of God and His approval can hardly be expected to rest upon this union. Usual­ ly such lives drift apart, for one wants the club or business or pleasure while the other wants to live for God. Hearts must be united in purpose if the home is to be happy. Two H earts M ust B eat as O ne P sa . 86:11 The affections of the bride and groom must center on the same objectives else there will be a division of activity and a separation in service. God wants us to set our affections on things above where Christ sitteth at the right hand of God. If one sets his affections up there, and the other sets his down here, we can readily see that there will be no union of purpose and heart. Instead, the gulf of separation will widen rapidly. But this gulf can* be bridged by both hearts turning to Christ Jesus the Lord and Saviour. Two N atures M ust B e A greed 1 C or . 7:39 There is a strong tendency in the present day to abolish distinctions of race and color. This is not of God. The Lord in His wisdom set the bounds of the habitations of each race (Acts 17:26). He never intended that the Japanese and the English should inter­ marry. It was never His plan for the Negro and the white to be joined in marriage. The Mexican and the Swede were never intended to fit into each other’s lives. Like should marry like. given. He succeeds in lives where there is no restraining grace and no hindering message from heaven. The ungodly love to have it so and therefore wreck and ruin two lives. D ivorce S prings from M ental D ifferences P rov . 23:7 People enter into matrimonial bonds without seriously considering the fact that the two must think as one if there is to be a happy home. To say, “ I will live my life and he will live his,” is simply to say that one has the name of being married but does not live as though he' was married. Such compan­ ionship brings no happiness, no sweet­ ness, no blessing. It is a business mat­ ter in which the purposes of God are defeated. 29, 1948 PUT ASUNDER" M ark 10:2-12

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