King's Business - 1948-01

C hrist W as the A ctive A gent in C reation (C ol . 1:18) He was not created. He was the un­ created instrument o f all creation. To what heights this fact exalts the Son of God! Christ is also the Preserver of all things, v. 17; He is the Head of the Church, v. 18; He is the Fulness or “ pleroma” of God, that is, He is of the same essence with God, v. 19. This denies Arianism and modernism. Finally, Christ is the means of man’s peace, v. 20. “ He is our peace” (Eph. 2:14). Such a Christ deserves pre-eminence in every life (Col. 1:18). A fter the Lord Jesus had eaten His last supper with His disciples before His death upon the cross of Calvary, He arose from the table quietly, laid aside His garments^ girded Himself with a towel, and began to wash His disciples’ feet. When Peter refused to let the Lord do this, Jesus said, “ I f I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me.” Then Peter begged Jesus to wash not only his hands and his feet, but his head. Jesus sat down at the table and told His disciples that they should do as He had done to them. He did not mean that they should spend their time washing one another’s feet, but that they should serve -one another in love and in humility. If He, their Lord, had performed so humble a task, they as His servants should set aside their pride and serve others hum­ bly. The Saviour said, “ If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them.” He taught men by His actions as well as by His words what He expected them to do and to be. Some boys and girls do cheerfully only those things which others will see and for which they' will receive praise and thanks. Christian children will do joy­ fully the little, thoughtful tasks which no one but the Lord will see and for which they will receive no reward. They live for God, not for what others will say . and think about them. “ Whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all }n the name of the Lord Jesus.” YOU CAN WIN SOULS TO CHRIST WITH GOSPEL FILMS Send for free booklet today explaining. It will be a revelation to you. Also free booklet describing the revolu­ tionary lifetime MIRACLE SOUND PROJECTOR that does not wear out; quiet as a clock; needs no oiling; has no belts; needs no servicing; trouble-proof. C. 0. BAPTISTA F ILM S Sunnyside Avenue, Wheaton, III. Helps for the Children J esus , T eacher and L ord (JOHN 13:3-17) M em o ry V e r s e : “ Love one another; even as I have loved you” (John 13:34 R.V.).

We CcfflfttUHfJtJ . . . “ We communists” boasted a devotee of Carl Marx in Warsaw, Poland, in a conversation with our General Secretary during his recent visit to Europe— “We communists possess what the early Christians had, a missionary spirit! But modern Christians have lost it alto­ gether.” Here is a gauntlet flung down before us by modern atheism. Here is a chal­ lenge ! The suffering Jewish remnant in Europe is exposed to the ravages of hunger, cold, homelessness, and disease. The enemy of souls is out to win them for a soul-destroying philosophy. Their cry is “ For God’s sake help us.” THE FRIENDS OF ISRAEL MIS­ SIONARY AND RELIEF SOCIETY, INC. has heard this cry and is supply­ ing food and clothing for their suffer­ ing bodies, and the Word of God for their afflicted minds and souls. This is our answer and testimony, the only one which counts today. Ten dollars ($10.00) will provide a very substantial food parcel for the immediate need of a distressed family of Hebrew Christians or Jewish people. Any contribution, large or small, will provide the means to enable a mission­ ary to preach the Word of God to per­ ishing people. Will you help us to meet this chal­ lenge for His sake and His name? Your fellowship with us is cordially invited. THE FR IENDS OF ISRAEL M IS S IO N A R Y AND RELIEF SOC IETY, INC. 728-K Witherspoon Building Philadelphia 7, Pa. President Joseph M. Steele Treasurer General Secretary Dr. Joseph T. Britan Rev. Yictor Buksbazen Treasurer for Canada: Rev. P. S. Dobson, M.A., DD., Alma College, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

YOUR GIFT YIELDS DOUBLE SERVICE WHEN YOU INVEST IN NEW YORK BIBLE SOCIETY ANNUITY AGREEMENTS • Giving Every dollar you invest in New York Bible Society annuity agreements assists this Society in supplying the Word of God to the needy of New York City. Scriptures are given to every man in every language throughout the world’s greatest city. You can have a share in this worthy work. • Receiving Y ou receive a steady fixed income for the rest of your life. You can always be certain that every six months the letter carrier will bring you a check for a stipulated amount. --------- +--------- Write for a copy of our booklet, which gives full and complete information. Rev. D . J. FANT , Litt. D ., General Secretary JSeto l^orfe JBiblr gwcietp 5 East 48th St. New York 17, N . Y . L I T H U A N I A C A L L S Hear the soul-hungry cry of 5,000,000 Lithuanians scattered over the world—dispossessed, dissatisfied, without Christ and the Word of God. Less *than 1% profess Christ as Saviour I Since 1928 we have preached Christ by word of mouth and printed page in three continents. Write for the Bible Witness—FREE. Your prayers and help requested. Lithuanian Missionary Ass’n., Inc. P. O. BOX 488-K, CHICAGO 90, ILLINOIS Interdenominational—A Work of Faith A fruitful ministry of evangelism and Scripture distribution supported by free-will offerings. Send for free Quarterly with news of work in U. S. and China to: National Headquarters Pocket Testament League 156 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK 10. N. Y. LANTERN SLIDES dL Glass slides, 2" x 2" and 3 x 4" from your films and snapshots. The exclusive service for mission­ aries and Christian workers world-wide, from whom many appreciative letters have been re­ ceived. Colored slides. Either size. Reasonably priced. No lists. Phone CLeveland 66129. C. WHITFIELD SIMS «176 Myosotis St. Los Angeles 42, Calif. Page Twenty-four

Our quarterly bulletin, ISRAEL M Y GLORY, sent to all contributors and also on request

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