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we open the paper, I am sure we shall find mentioned some of the many things that our heavenly Father provides for His children. Yes, we find several words. I shall read them to you: “ LIFE, BREATH, SHELTER, CLOTHING, BREAD, WA ­ TER.” It is well for us to remember that our heavenly Father gives us life. First He gave us our natural life, and then when we accepted Christ as our Saviour, He gave us spiritual life. We seldom find people thanking God for breath, but that is something He gives to all. We often make the mistake of think­ ing that our earthly fathers give us the shelter we enjoy, but it is the heavenly Father who makes it possible for our earthly fathers to earn money with which to buy or rent our houses. Our clothing comes from the store, but it is God who provides the materials out of which our clothes are made. Bread and water are suggestive of the food we eat. Our earthly father buys our food, but there would be no food to buy were it not for the fact that the Lord sends the sunshine and rain, causing the plants and animals to grow. Some children rightly thank their parents for all the things that are done for them and the provision which is made for their needs. In addition to this, they should thank the heavenly Father for all that they receive from Him. “ Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning” (James 1:17).

Jan. 4. 1948 K nowing and S howing

The second word is “ YIELDED.” “ Whose heart the Lord opened” (Acts 16:14). The Lord opens only the hearts that are yielded to Him. One of the first things Lydia did to show that she was a Christian was to be baptized. She had received the Lord Jesus Christ as . Saviour, and then she was baptized gladly. None who know Christ should refuse to be baptized. The last two words are “ ENTER­ TAINED CHRISTIANS.” This is a very important way of showing she knew Christ. We are not told what kind of people Lydia entertained before she was saved, and quite probably this was the first time Christians had ever been in her home. She was wise in choosing her closest friends from those who also knew Christ and could help her grow spirit­ ually. It is not enough to know Christ; we must show this fact to others. Object: A piece of paper 814 x 11 inches. (Fold each end to within 14 inch of the middle, leaving a gap of % inch. In this space print the word “ FATHER.” On the left-hand side near the top print “ GOD,” and on the right-hand side near the top the word “ OUR.” Open the paper and, using the letters in the word “ FATHER,” complete the following words: “ LIFE, BREATH, SHELTER, CLOTHING, BREAD, WATER.” ) Lesson: We are studying about God’s being the Father of all who have ac­ cepted His Son, Jesus Christ, as a per­ sonal Saviour. This piece of paper has “ GOD OUR FATHER” printed on it. If Jan. 11, 1948 F acts A bout F ather

Object: A piece of paper 8% x 11 inches. (Fold each end to within 14 inch of the middle, leaving a gap of % inch. In this space print the word “ LYDIA.” Open the paper and, using the letters in the word “ LYDIA,” print the fol­ lowing words, “ LISTENED, YIELDED, BAPTIZED, ENTERTAINED, CHRIS­ TIANS.” )




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Jan. 18, 1948 A lter the A ltar

Lesson: Today our lesson deals with the subject of knowing and showing the Christian life. Some people say that they know Christ as Saviour, but they never show the new Christian life to the world. On this piece of paper is the name of a woman in the New Testament who not only knew Christ, but who let this fact show in her life. Her name was Lydia. If we open the paper, we will find two ways of knowing, and three ways of showing that Christ had changed her life. The first word is “ LISTENED.” Acts 16:14 tells us, “ She attended [listened] unto the things which were spoken of Paul.” All people must listen to the gospel before they can know Christ. Page Twenty-eight

Object: A piece of white paper 8% x 21 inches. (Fold backwards 3% inches from each end, making the size 8% x 1414. Fold each new end forward 3% inches toward the middle, making the size 8 % x 7 % , leaving a space of % inch in the middle of the paper. You will now have 3 sections on both sides of the word “WORSHIP.” These will be designated as sections 1 to 6, beginning with number 1 to your extreme left. On sections 2, 3, 4 and 5, which are on both sides of the word “WORSHIP,” draw lines to represent the stones of an altar. On sections 1 and 6, which are the ex­ treme right and left ones, print the word T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

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