FYZICAL Therapy. Sports Injuries & Post-Surgical Rehab


We have some exciting news! FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Center’s Cheyenne Location will be offering Aquatic Therapy services at the LCCC pool in the Recreation and Athletic Complex through early May 2020. Physical activity is important, and can help you live independently for as long as possible. However, if you have chronic aches and pains, it can be difficult to exercise. This lack of physical activity can make the condition worse and more difficult to live with. This is where aquatic therapy can really help you. Aquatic therapy offers a very safe environment in order for you to get your body moving again. The temperature of the water helps to reduce inflammation and pain. It also provides benefits to many of your other organs as well. Not only do we relieve your aches and pains quickly, we can help you maintain your new pain-free mobility. When it comes to Aquatic Therapy, FYZICAL Therapy is proud to take our rewarding methods of therapy into the water. We provide our patients with the best in aquatic therapy. The buoyancy, support and accommodating resistance of water enhance exercise and create a safe environment for progressive rehabilitation. The temperature of the water prompts muscle relaxation, facilitates stretching and generally reduces the sensation of pain. Some of the benefits include:

• Improve Strength and Endurance • Increase Range of Motion • Normalize Muscle Tone • Improve Balance and Coordination • Protect Joints During Exercise

• Improve Circulation • Decrease Swelling • Reduce Stress • Moderate Body Temperature

All classes will be instructed by a certified Physical Therapy Assistant on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 - 2:30 pm. All insurances accepted for aquatic therapy, or classes can be purchased for $40/week or $20 per class. If interested, contact the Cheyenne clinic at 307.772.0955 or by email at loveyourlife@fyzicalcenters.com.



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