NEW JACE ® BMS Plug-ins

■■ Simple integration of VRV system

Plug and play system management


BMS Plug-in – Facilitate Easy Integration with VRV System

For Niagara AX® Compared with traditional HVAC systems, the VRV control logic is different and may seem challenging for integrator that are not familiar with the VRV systems. Daikin endeavors to resolve this issue by providing BMS Plug-ins to the integrator for easy integration. BMS Plug-ins are pre-programmed objects and graphics built for Niagara AX® specifically for Daikin VRV. By the use of BMS Plug-ins, the integrators work load could be reduced to as little as point linking.

Ethernet (BACnet ® IP Network)

JACE ® BMS Plug-ins


Single setpoint and dual setpoint demo stations


■■ Replicable graphics

■■ Built with the most commonly used BMS Platform - Niagara AX® ■■ Easy Integration for integrators ■■ Graphics with provided PX Files ■■ Simple point linking with programmed functions blocks ■■ Modifiable demo stations to meet the requirement of a project. ■■ Reduced possibility of integration issues with VRV systems Specifications ■■ Pre-programmed Function Blocks - - Auto changeover - dual and single setpoint - - Setback - - Setpoint range limitation - dual and single setpoint

■■ Applicable to both heat pump and heat recovery system ■■ Locally developed software package that can be updated to meet the market needs. System Compatibility Compatible with Niagara AX® based BMS systems version 3.8 and above. How to Acquire The BMS Plug-ins are available at no charge and can be downloaded from Daikin City.

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