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Help the environment. Make a difference. Earn an income.

Who are Clean Living International?

> An award-winning sustainability company that are taking a fresh approach to cleaning and business > Driving a movement focused on protecting the environment, whilst enabling individuals to generate an income (our products are not sold in supermarkets) > Providing an innovative range of eco-friendly cleaning products that are healthier for you and the planet > Doing business ethically with a big heart > Our journey began in 2017 when our Bio-Chemist was seeking ways to make a difference to the world and how people clean their homes > Come join us on the amazing journey

What is our vision & mission? Our vision is to ensure that everybody can contribute towards a healthier planet. “We believe this should start in the home and then shared across our communities by providing an income opportunity promoting products that benefit the environment as opposed to destroying it.”

Our mission is twofold: 1. Build a community of passionate

Ambassadors, providing an environment and an income opportunity that fits their needs 2. Encourage everyone to look after their home in a healthier and more environmentally responsible way. .

“R eal change comes from individuals joining forces towards a common goal. Be part of the solution”

Ever thought about what you’re using to clean your home?

Read the warnings on the back of your current cleaning product bottles. You might be surprised.

Chemical symbols for: > Harmful to the environment > Harmful to skin and causes eye irritation

> Severe skin burns and eye damage > Flammable for increased fire risk

Interesting Facts

• The average UK household purchases 50 plastic bottles a year – that’s 1.35 billion bottles manufactured and disposed of each year • Most bottles can only be recycled 2-3 times before they become unusable

Only 9% off all plastics are recycled

• 1.35 billion bottles use 30,000 tonnes of plastic and 500,000 barrels of oil are required to make them!

The Clean Living Solution

“Our Clean Living logo captures all these things: a heart, a home and the planet”

Contains no harsh chemicals Plant-based biological formulas, supercharged with healthy bacteria in your homes Reduce single use plastic waste & kitchen roll Long lasting 100% recyclable aluminium bottles and microfibre cloths. Both reusable Reduce CO2 pollution from transporting pre-mixed cleaning products Refill Subscription of high concentrate sachets through your letterbox Build a community of like-minded Ambassadors Ambassador model opportunity for you to earn with personal development

Find out more about becoming a Clean Living International Ambassador and starting your own flexible business at

Discover Our Products

“I love all the Clean Living products. They make my house smell delicious and I have the reassurance that I am not using toxins as I clean. Not only that, I can clean in half the time as they are so effective. What’s not to like!!”

Commitment To Quality LUX Life Health Beauty and Wellness 2020 Best Emerging Non-Toxic Cleaning Product Brand The Indy Best Buy 2021 Best Refillable Household Product Veggie Awards 2022 Everyday Essential- Winner The PEA Awards 2021

Health & Wellbeing Category - Finalist Glamour Wellness Power List 2022 Best Eco-Cleaning-Winner

Everyday Essentials Judged by Amanda Byram The Eco-Friendly Complete Cleaning Kit - Winner

Supporting the UK economy 80% of OUR value chain Is based in Britain

Find out more about becoming a Clean Living International Ambassador and starting your own flexible business at

How does the opportunity work?

✓ 25% personal discount on our products

✓ 25% commission on product sales

✓ Additional 5% commission for £500+ sales a month

✓ Residual income every time a customer reorders through our refill subscription model

✓ Your own home based business

✓ Flexible to fit your lifestyle

✓ No sales targets or minimum working hours

✓ Ability to earn a substantial monthly income

✓ No experience needed. Free ongoing training

✓ Do your bit to create healthy homes

Find out more about becoming a Clean Living International Ambassador and starting your own flexible business at

Hear from our Ambassadors: Jessica For busy mum-of-three, Jessica, starting her own eco-friendly business with the multi-award-winning cleaning brand, Clean Living International. “I joined Clean Living International in February 2022. Like many nowadays, initially, I was searching for a way to earn a little extra income. I work full time, but with three young daughters and the rising cost of living, a little extra is always helpful!” The key to Clean Living’s success, she says, “is the purpose and ethos behind the brand and its products: Earnings flow because it does not feel like a hollow sale, nor are we driven by consumerism. Our clients buy a bottle once and refill over and over again. The simplicity is a joy!” The Clean Living’s subscription model truly provides us a residual income. My clients need refills, therefore they join our subscription service, the refills are automatically shipped, and I'm automatically paid. It is perfect!”

Find out more about becoming a Clean Living International Ambassador and starting your own flexible business at

Hear from our Ambassadors: Wendy In January 2021, Wendy attended an online webinar to learn more and was impressed by the company’s eco credentials and clever product formulations, as well as the flexibility that the opportunity to set up her own Clean Living business offered. “Previously, I’d never considered sales or had any experience working in sales, but the team was so supportive and it was a fantastic opportunity to top up our household income alongside my part-time job at the time, so I signed up to become an Ambassador and set up my company, A Happy Green Clean.” “The additional income provides a cushion during these hard times – it’s reassuring to know that I can earn more as and when we need it.” “I recently had the pleasure of presenting at Clean Living’s recent conference, and it was inspirational to be in a room surrounded by likeminded individuals who care so passionately about the planet. The fact that we all can earn a flexible income while doing our bit to protect the environment is an added bonus!"

Why people join Clean Living today

ETHICS – realising there is a less damaging way to clean and earning in an ethical way

CONTROL – of own working hours, income, free time with loved ones

INCOME – earning an additional or full time income and helping a good cause

GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY – to join a business based and led in the UK

Find out more about becoming a Clean Living International Ambassador and starting your own flexible business at

I’m In! How Do I Get Started?

1) Visit and click the “Join” button 2) If you do have an Ambassador, they are your Enroller and you should put their last name in the enroller field. If you don’t know an Ambassador, leave this field blank 3) Press “Start Today” and then go on to choose your kit and “Add To Order” 4) Agree to our T’s and C’s and you are off! 5) Your kit will arrive shortly afterward

6) You will receive a welcome email to get you started 7) Any problems just email

I would just love to hear more?

1) Ask your Ambassador to tell you more or 2) Send an email to support@cleanlivingint.comasking for more information or 3) Even better, send an email to and ask for dates to attend a free online discovery zoom this week.

Thank you for making the time to discover more about the Clean Living Business Opportunity

Become an Ambassador today and start to earn an income. Feel proud of making a difference by encouraging others to use these fantastic products! Can I work full-time or part-time? The choice is yours. We would love you to join us.

Find out more about becoming a Clean Living International Ambassador and starting your own flexible business at

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