Dri Tech - June 2020


Record Your Own Audio Time Capsule

In 1977, a NASA committee led by esteemed astrophysicist and author Carl Sagan set out to record images and sounds from around Earth, which were then enshrined in two copper records that included music, languages, and natural sounds from around the world. The Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft carry these records, and since the ‘70s, they have explored space and routinely sent transmissions to Earth about what they have encountered. As Sagan said of the Voyager mission, “The spacecraft will be encountered and the record played only if there are advanced spacefaring civilizations in interstellar space, but the launching of this ‘bottle’ into the cosmic ‘ocean’ says something very hopeful about life

on this planet.” We may still not have definitive answers about extraterrestrial life, but that doesn’t prevent us from thinking about what we might want to tell others about life on Earth. So, why not make your own recording? RECORD YOUR OWN MESSAGE Take inspiration from the Voyager mission by setting out to create a recorded message with your family that can serve as a time capsule for others to enjoy for years to come. As a starting point, ask your kids what they would want to tell future generations or interstellar travelers. What does life on Earth look like to them?

to loved ones and have fun sharing it with them. Think of a family member or friend who could use a pick-me-up and create a recording just for them. KEEP IT SIMPLE Most phones and computers have an audio recorder app, and this should be all you need to make a recording. Start by creating your message. You can improvise or write a script beforehand. Then, use your phone or computer to record it. This file can be shared on different platforms and sent to the people you’d like to hear your message. Have fun with this project and think of it as your chance to tell others what life on Earth means to you.

Your messages don’t have to be solely futuristic, either. You can record a message

t Dri Tech Corp, we define teamwork as supporting our team members in achieving an agreed-upon goal. Most often, that goal is giving our clients what they need, when they need it. Part of making that happen is ensuring we have an open-door policy, something that we’ve always valued. We spend a lot of time together in each other’s offices giving and seeking support when we need it the most because that’s what an open-door policy is all about. Teamwork isn’t something you just practice when it’s easy or convenient. It’s something you maintain no matter the circumstances. An “all hands on deck” mentality means that no matter the current state of our work, our clients, or our community, we are here, ready to find a way to get things done by working together. The day to day of what we do might change with each sunrise, but the consistency of our teamwork is what allows us to face those changes head on. Teamwork: OUR THIRD CORE VALUE VIC’S CORNER





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