Jointing Technologies - PVDF

Jointing Methods

There are three weldable jointing methods available for PVDF (Socket, IR Plus fusion & BCF Plus). Each method has pros and cons. A brief overview is provided. Ordering information can be found in the Machines section located on page 288 - 293

Socket Fusion

Socket welding utilised a hand tool which used a bush and spigot arrangement at a temp of approx. 270Oc to simulta- neously heat the socket and pipe. Then is pushed together by hand. Pros:  low-tech requiring a socket fusion tool  Quick assembly Cons:  delays in assembly / maintenance requiring heating up and cooling down times.  Inside leaves a ring of molten plastic which may aid in friction loss  Squareness and levels dependant on installers eye.

IR Welding

IR-Welding is a form of butt welding where the heater plate does not meet the pipework. It offers very repeatable weld and utilises a bench style machine. Pros:  Very repeatable welding with accuracy to the mm.  Weld records of each weld available.  As the heater plate has no contact with pipework very little chance of impurities entering weld.  Very small internal bead. Cons:  Typically, a workshop machine and not suitable for site installation without a con- trolled environment.  Certification required for machine

BCF Welding

The fusion jointing process consists in transmitting precisely defined thermal energy to the pipe and fitting ends being joined by means of half-shell heating elements. At the same time an elastic, pressurised bladder supports the inside surface of the fusion zone in order to prevent the formation of an internal fusion bead. Pros:  Weld traceability  No internal / external bead  Great for use in pharmaceutical or electronic component production.  Can be used in clean room environments  Short weld times Cons:  Certification required to use the machine  Limited to sizes to d63mm.

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