PAAS New products additions

Statiflo is a world leader in motionless mixing technology. Constantly expanding the limits of motionless mixing technology to create innovative products including the most efficient static mixers currently available.

Statiflo Highlight - Non-Ragging Pipe Mixer

High performance non-ragging static mixer for difficult sludge and wastewater applications. Specifically developed for flows with a high content of rags and/or highly fibrous materials.

Typical clogging of competitors’s mixer after less than 5 hours

Statiflo NR Sludge mixer after 90 hours operation

The Unique mixing elements design provides

• Free flow designs gives excellent resistance to blocking and ragging

• High mixing performance with CoV < 0.05 and consistent mixture quality

• Low pressure drop

• Easy to clean with excellent free draining capability

• uPVC/Stainless steel construction

• Wide range of diameters available

• Custom designed for each application

• Injection nozzles easily incorporated

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