Industrial Grey PVC-U Pipe And Fittings

More than 90% of pipe joint failures evaluated are due to improper preparation of pipe end.

Pipe Preparation:

 Cut Pipe Clean and Square  A 10-15 deg chamfer is required  This enables correct seating of pipe into fitting

 The strongest bond is the fused surface where the pipe & fitting meets at the end.  When chamfering and the cut is correct, the pipe will seat at the bottom of the fitting.

Cement Overview:

1. The jointing surfaces must be softened and made semi fluid

2. Sufficient solvent cement must be applied to fill the gap between the pipe and fitting.

4. Joint strength develops as the solvents escape from the joint.

3. Assembly of the pipe and fitting must be made while the surfaces are wet and the solvent cement is still fluid.

Installation Accessories:  Please see page 284-285 for a complete list of brushes and installation accessories.


IPS Weld on Cement 473ml


IPS Weld on Cement 946ml


IPS Weld on Primer 473ml


IPS Weld on Primer 946ml


Deburring Tool 1/2” - 1”


Deburring Tool 1-1/4” - 2”


1300 PIPING (1300 747 464)

V 4.1

PAAS Source Book 3

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