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Raising kids can be a challenging endeavor. When Heather and I married in 2013, she agreed to take on not only a husband but also two boys: Andrew, 12, and Chandler, 11. The boys are now 17 and 18 years old and face growing up in a world very different from the one Heather and I knew when we were teenagers. We are far from perfect parents, but we do our best. Our newsletter chronicles some of our successes and some of our less-than-stellar moments. We hope you can learn from some of our failures and find some entertainment in the moments we share.


school (unaccompanied) builds self-esteem. This one life habit will have a positive impact on your child’s physical and mental health. Andrew and Chandler are fortunate enough to be at a stage in their lives where goal setting is just par for the course. Thanks to an excellent weight training program by Shawn Beckett, Andrew and Chandler have clear goals and a program that keeps them on track. This is something that is easy to take for granted, and I hope they continue these habits into adulthood. Heather and I hope to provide a good example, even if it means reassessing our own physical condition on occasion. Wanting to serve as a good role model and hoping to shed a few of these unwanted pounds, I have decided to take on another goal this year, the Missoula Half Marathon. If this newsletter does not make it to you in July, it may be because I am somewhere alongside the road in Missoula.

four marathons in four years. However, I have since fallen out of shape, and the exercise I have been getting lately has been limited to running up and down the court as a high school basketball official. What in the world has happened? I suspect what happened is the same thing that has happened to the 1 in 5 children in this country who are obese. I have fallen out of the habit of regularly exercising. I attribute this loss of habit to a lack of concrete goals. Without goals, we do not develop the habits necessary to stay fit and, instead, end up floating along aimlessly like a ship without a rudder. One thing that has changed since I was a kid is how few children walk to school now. According to , in 1969, 48 percent of kids in the U.S. walked or biked to school. Around 88 percent of children living less than a mile from school either walked or biked. Today, only 13 percent of kids in the U.S. walk to school. In addition to the thousands of calories your kids will burn over the course of a year, notes that walking to

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the percentage of children and adolescents affected by obesity in the U.S. has more than tripled since the 1970s. However, this alarming statistic should come as little surprise given our own difficulty with the battle of the bulge. I wish I could offer you some easy fix to weight loss or leading a healthy life style. However, I would be lying to you if I did, and writing this article has me questioning what kind of role model I want be for Andrew and Chandler. I appreciate the opportunity to let you reflect on my own less-than-stellar physical condition. As I am writing this article, I am 15 pounds heavier than I would like and 30 pounds heavier than the man who finished the Buenos Aires Marathon with a personal best time of 4 hours and 11 minutes on October 10, 2010. The only way I remember this date is that it was 10/10/10. I finished two more marathons after Buenos Aires, one in Sydney, Australia, and my last one in Malibu, California in 2012. From 2009–12, I finished

- Lucas Foust

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