King's Business - 1949-04

There Should be Godly Children The children will be godly only as the parents lead them in godly paths. They will reverence the Scripture if the fa­ ther does. They will love to pray if the mother does. They will care for Sunday school if the parents do. Almost every earthly force is opposed to this pro­ gram. Many schools undo during the week what the parents and the church build up in the home and in the Sunday school. Most boys and girls are more in­ terested in Hollywood than in heaven. They can name the principal actors and actresses but know nothing of the men of God in the Bible. We need to return to the family altar. There Should be Godly Fathers Deut. 6:5 God holds the father responsible for teaching the Scripture in the home. He never gives the mother that work—it is always the father’s responsibility. Many fathers never pray with their children, never read the Bible to them, and never teach them the Ten Commandments. The father should remember that his children will grow up as utter heathen unless the Word of God is taught in the home. A godly father will usually have a godly family. A godly father can create a god­ ly home by his influence in the home. A godly father will seek the spiritual wel­ fare of his children as well as their physical blessing. Paul said, “ By the grace of God I am what I am.” He was no hypocrite. He lived what he preached. He practiced what he believed. He expounded God’s Word by his life as well as by his lips. This should be our position as well. We should be, in our own homes and lives, that which we preach and teach to oth­ ers so that by example, as well as by pre­ cept, we show the value and the virtues of the Saviour. We need to live God’s truth among men who never see a Bible or enter a church. They will be impressed by what we are, by what we do, and by what we say. Home Relationships 1 Tim. 3:5 The home is the unit of society. It is in the home that we exercise perfect freedom. In the home we show what we really are. It is there that sweet virtues should be exhibited and the grace of God manifested. We should never be kinder at the office than we are in our own homes. We should never treat outsiders better than we treat our own dear ones in the home. We should be at our best at home for there the family watches. The children observe and impressions are made which last throughout the years. Let us live for God in the home. Social Relationships 1 Pet. 2:12 All men are not Christians. Sin abounds on every hand and sinful influ­ ences seek to wreck and ruin Christian testimony and service. We need to be­ have ourselves wisely in all of our social contacts. Whether it be at the luncheon A P R I L , I 9 4 9

There Should Be Godly Mothers Prov. 31:11 The mother has much more contact with the children than the father. They look to her during the day for the bless­ ings of life and they probably confide in her their secrets and their sorrows more than in the father. The mother needs to know God and His Word in order to counsel wisely those little lives she has brought into the world. She can only know God’s will through God’s Word. By reading and studying the Word she will become a praying mother and a wise mother. She may not receive much en­ couragement from neighbors and friends in this path but she will have the help of heaven and of the Holy Spirit. There Should Be Godly Pursuits Prov. 3:6 If the father operates a tavern, if the mother gambles at bridge, then the chil­ dren will not have the proper view of life. The father should be engaged in a lawful enterprise that is clean and right­ eous, such as engineering, farming, banking, building—good pursuits which will not lead the children astray. Chil­ dren watch their parents to see how they make their living and how they spend their time. Their young lives are greatly influenced by the parents and their out­ look on life for good or bad is formed because of what they see in the parents. Let us restore the family altar. club, on the crowded bus, or at the pub­ lic desk, let us ever have in our hearts that one desire to be what we claim to be and to represent properly that holy One who bought us with His blood. The public expects the Christian to be un­ usually kind, long suffering, forgiving, and benevolent. Let us live up to their expectations and glorify the name of our blessed Lord. Church Relationships 1 Tim. 3:15 The church is a testing place for char­ acter and conduct. In the church we may prove to be a fancy vase or a useful tool. We find out whether we are true yoke­ fellows or trouble - makers. We may prove to be useful servants or cold blankets. In the church we should mani­ fest such grace and show such zeal as will make us good examples to others. We should inspire others to be more de­ voted to Christ and more useful in His service. We should be a pattern of the believers. We should be true children of God so that others may emulate our faith. World Relationships 1 Thess. 4:12 If the Christian develops poise, piety, and ability, he will be in demand for public positions in educational, social, and business circles and elsewhere. His gift will make room for him in many places. There will come to him many calls to affiliate with and mingle among the people of this world. He may be in the world but not of it. He may mingle with the world but not join it. It will be his privilege to maintain his testimony.


T fC ecU t6 e * te e e t.. ■ Needs— Multitudes of starving, home* less, destitute Chinese children, un­ cared for and without Christ. P ro v is io n — Christian love, food, clothing, shelter, Bible, academic and manual training. R e s u lts — Over 2,000 young people with their faith in the Lord, occupy responsible positions.

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& fru itfu l fundam ental missionary activity? Free copy of China Harvester on request. flOME OF QNESiPUORUS G . A. Landmark, President 3939 N. Hamlin Avenue, Dept* II Chicago 18, Illinois


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May 15, 1949 "WE MUST BE THE WORLD WE WANT" Eph. 6:19-17


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