King's Business - 1949-04

Rehabilitation Task <£ The statistics on drunkenness in Cali­ fornia are really sobering. The city of Fresno in 1947 recorded a drunkenness arrest rate of 17,761 per 100,000 popu­ lation, that is, one in six residents of that city was jailed for being drunk. San Francisco led the nation’s 16 largest cities with 6,230 in 100,000, and Los An­ geles was second. Managers of person­ nel in industry complain of increasing absenteeism due ta alcoholism. Social workers bemoan the great numbers of homes broken by liquor. Sadder still is the fact that our present control system just doesn’t control. It is likely that a staggering tax to meet the cost of intel­ ligently managed alcoholic rehabilitation centers is in prospect for all citizens. Campus Cheats •£ Dr. Charles E. McAllister is the for­ mer president of the Governing Boards of State Universities and Allied Insti­ tutions. Recently he took an “ on-the- spot” look at 89 colleges and universi­ ties in a whirlwind one-year tour. He re­ ports that cheating, lying, and stealing are much more of a menace in the schools than Communism. He discov­ ered a marked increase in cheating in almost all the colleges. One Dean de­ clared that his students apparently did not know the difference between right and wrong. Coupled with that, books and personal property are disappearing as never before. Most of the educational strongholds which Dr. McAllister visited were State Universities but his visit also included such private universities as Yale and Harvard. Contrary to widespread re­ ports, he believes that very few of the schools are engaged in subversive Com­ munist activities. Now it is time for another investiga­ tor to prove by exhaustive tests that the homes where Christ is enthroned and where the Bible is honored produce hon­ est moral character, and the young people from such homes will not cheat or steal even in the face of great temp­ tation. Go to Church A new national “ go-to-church” cam­ paign has been launched by leading Southern California businessmen and educators as a means of reasserting the basic Christian principles on which our nation was founded. That this is a step in the right direc­ tion no one will seriously doubt. How wonderful it would be if the churches to which our Americans will presum­ ably return would he churches where the true and living Word of God is taught, and where the will of God is honored, and where the Christ of God is enthroned. In far too many cases to return to a modernist, liberal, Christ- denying church is far worse than to at­ tend no church at all. T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

ness of sin. We are always hopeful, but we sincerely feel there will be no per­ manent betterment of the moving picture industry while sin, and Satan rule in the human heart. Tidal Wave Dr. Emanuel Neumann, president of the Zionist Organization of America, re­ ports that the Jews are now streaming into Palestine in tidal wave proportions. Since the State of Israel was proclaimed in May of last year, about 150,000 Israe­ lites have entered the country and the present year may see as many as a quarter million more becoming citizens. Most of these are coming from the un­ settled Central European countries while 'the other great Jewish popula­ tion centers of the world are the Soviet Union and the United States of Amer­ ica. Many Bible students believe that this is God’s greatest sign betokening the soon coming of His beloved Son. Sensational Photos <5* Recent reports from the Palomar sec­ tion of Southern California, where the new 200-inch telescope is being made ready, show promising progress. Near the giant “ eye” is a 48-inch Schmidt telescope designed to serve as a scouting instrument for the larger lens. Even this Schmidt telescope has been successful beyond the dreams of its California In­ stitute of Technology builders, already proving capable of reaching into space about as far as the 100-inch telescope on Mt. Wilson. All of this is encouraging, pointing to that time when we shall have photo­ graphic evidence of the starry universe overhead one billion light years across. One’s head literally swims at the in­ calculable numbers of stellar bodies which are thus revealed. What will it be when we have the results of a telescope twice as large? And our God is greater than all of this!

New Trial Recently the Israeli Ministry of Jus­ tice received a strange petition. A Dutch citizen, whose name was not given, de­ clared that the Court had a moral duty to review the mistrial of Jesus Christ, and subsequently exonerate Him from the 1900-year-old charges which led to His crucifixion. The petition was based upon the fact that the present Jewish State had legally descended from the Jewish State of centuries ago and there­ fore had the necessary authority to re­ view the case. We fear, however, that if this matter were gone into with all the various ramifications involved, not only would the Jewish Court stand convicted, but the Roman world as well, and also all the nations, and peoples, and tongues, and individuals who since that time have failed to crown Christ King of their hearts and have, instead, crucified Him afresh in their lives. What's Wrong? «£* Every once in a while a new survey of the public reaction to moving pictures is made. In a recent poll, the Allied States Association reported that people are getting tired of sordidness, crime, and sex. Audiences, particularly small­ town audiences, want far more whole­ some material. Other complaints de­ nounced story material, musicals, and gambling formulas. A trend in religious portrayals was also noted as the poll declared, “We have had a great deal of the glorification of the Catholic and Jewish religions. We must not lose sight . . . that the vast majority of our people, and our critics, are of the Protestant faith.” It, is no secret that the moving picture exhibitors cater to the popular taste. What the producers perhaps do not understand, while they have been as­ senting to its demands, is that the heart of the natural man is “ deceitful above all things and desperately wicked” and therefore thrives on the unwholesome- Page Twenty-two

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