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at the dinner were angry. They asked, “ Why was this waste of the ointment made? For it might have been sold for more than three hundred pence [about fifty-one dollars], and have been given to the poor.” Jesus told them to leave Mary alone because she had done this to anoint His body for burying after His death. The poor always need care; the Saviour was soon to return to His Father in Heaven. Wherever the gospel is preached, the story of Mary’s love is told. Christian boys and girls should think of ways in which they may show their love for their Lord. Last week we talked about bringing our gifts of money to aid His service. This is only one way of showing our love for Him. It is not necessary to have money to show one’s love for God’s Son. Gifts of service and worship cost nothing but they give great joy to God’s heart. Every act and word may show our love for our Lord if we obey Paul’s commandment: “ Let your things be done with charity [love].”

May 15, 1949 JESUS' TEACHINGS ON THE JUDGMENT Mark 13:1, 2; 28-37

Lord’s return is brought into disrepute by those who have gone contrary to Scripture by setting dates. 4. The proper attitude in view of His coming (34-37): so that there will be no cause for shame in the day of His coming, God’s children now should “work” and “watch.” Helps for the Children A Friend Shows Love for Jesus Mark 14:3-9 Memory Verse: “Let all your things be done with charity [love]” (1 Cor. 16 :U ). As the Lord Jesus was having dinner in the home of Simon the leper, Mary brought in an alabaster box of ointment that was very precious. She poured it on the Saviour’s head. Some of the guests

Pointers on the Lesson The destruction of the temple and the coming of the Lord are considered this week. In the first instance, there is judgment; in the second, glory. They suggest that men must face_ judgment as a consequence of sin, and glory and blessing in vindication of God’s right­ eousness. Those who trust Christ will share in this glory and blessing. The Prophecy of Destruction . (13:1,2) Jesus stood with His disciples on the Mount of Olives. Outstanding on the western horizon was the temple. View­ ing the magnificent structure, one of the disciples could not help remarking, “ Master, see what manner of stones and what buildings!” (1). Gleaming in the sunlight, this great building adorned Mount Moriah like a crown. The Jews were very proud of it. But note that Jesus has not a word to say about all its beauty—not a syllable regarding its workmanship or design. Instead, he has only a sad word about its forthcoming destruction. Nothing seemed further from the truth at the time Jesus spoke. It ap­ peared as if it would remain to grace Jerusalem for a long time to come. But the true Prophet had spoken, and it must be so. The temple not long hence would be in ruins because Israel would turn its back on God’s Son. Let us learn from Jesus’ attitude to­ ward the temple on this occasion that there is little value in a beautiful tem­ ple, fine churches, magnificent ceremo­ nies, attractive music, and big programs if the glory of the Lord has departed from the sanctuary. If there is sin in the camp any amount of outward dis­ play will not rectify the wrong. The Prophecy of the Lord’s Return (13:28-37) There follows in the chapter Jesus’ account.of the course of this age. It closes with His statement concerning His return in glory. Note the following things: 1. The sign of His coming (28-30): the budding of a fig tree is a clear indication that summer is not far away. The fig tree is a symbol of Israel (cf. Matt. 21:19,20). It speaks of that people as a nation. As Israel begins again to acquire national consciousness, when there is evident a renewed stirring among God’s chosen people, that will be an indication that Messiah’s glorious appearing is not far away. 2. The certainty of His coming (31) : just as sure as Christ is the embodiment of truth, so sure it is that He will come again. 3. The exact time of His coming (32,33): no man knows this. Only fools set dates for the Lord’s appearance. Many times the blessed doctrine of the A P R I L , 1 9 4 9

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