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The Lord Jesus Christ Himself is also a displaced Person! You will note that today His place is on the right hand of the Father’s throne (Acts 7:56; Heb. 12:2). This is not His own throne,-for some day He is to occupy the throne of David on the earth (Zech. 14:9). He is to rule and reign from the river to the ends of the world and all men will know the Lord from the least unto the great­ est. Yet today our Lord in this sense is a displaced Person. We await with high anticipation that day which is sure to come, when the heavens shall part and the Son of God shall come riding forth as King of kings and Lord of lords, conquering and to conquer (Rev. 19:11-16). When all these displaced persons shall be returned to their rightful place, then this universe shall know the rich, abun­ dant blessing of our God and the deep peace of heart and mind which God has purposed. Freud Opposed T HOSE who have been students in the last 20 years will remember with what positive veneration the theo-- ries of Sigmund Freud were held in the psychology classroom. Now comes Erich Fromm, psychologist, who deigns to say that there is no real evidence for the Oedipus complex theory, one of Freud’s favorites. According to an ancient myth, Oedipus was in love with his mother which prompted him to murder his father. This love, according to Fromm, was not the basis of that ancient crime; rather the cause stemmed from the nat­ ural rebellion of sons against patriarchal authority. Concerning the battle of theories we add nothing. Our point is that knowledge concerning men’s behavior and the rea­ sons connected therewith are constantly changing. Let no one discard the prin­ ciples of Bible truth in the face of the onslaught of current classroom theories. Easy Divorce A COURT reporter for the Cleveland Press is appalled by the slipshod way in which couples are being di­ vorced in his county. Evidently he had seen decrees granted without either party’s appearing before the judge or presenting any evidence. To test this theory, a false petition for divorce was surreptitiously inserted in a stack of similar papers. The judge, who has ruled on 35,000 divorce cases in the last 25 years, without hesitation signed the fake petition. From first to last there was no hearing. The newspapers took up the matter and created quite a stir. When confronted with his blunder, the judge excused himself by complaining of his inability to read 200 divorce petitions a week. All of this speaks eloquently of a very sad and bitter condition in our country. Both marriage laws and divorce proceed­ ings are greatly in need of a complete overhauling. Nor will this solve the problem for there can be no domestic peace until hearts are right with God. T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

new problem arose as to how to get these displaced persons back to their homes and how to help them take up the threads of life where they left off. There will be no natural peace or harmony in the economy of the various countries un­ til this takes place. May we point out that in the spiritual realm too there are displaced persons? Nor can there be any world peace or any harmony in God’s economy until these displaced persons are repatriated and reinstated. Consider, fitst, that the children of Israel are displaced persons. There is no doubt but that God gave to Abra­ ham a certain land, to be his continu­ ally. Moreover the promise was con­ firmed to Isaac, to Jacob, to Joseph, to Joshua, to David, to Solomon. Yet for nearly two millennia the Jews have been off their land—displaced persons! It is true that today they are returning in ever-increasing numbers and many Bible students believe that this is the greatest sign of the near approach of the return of Christ. Consider, too, that members of the true church of Jesus Christ are displaced persons. We are told in First Peter 2:11 that we are “ strangers and pilgrims.” We know that we seek an heavenly city and the Lord has promised to prepare a place for us. We are commissioned as ambassadors in the world from the Court of Heaven. Our citizenship, however, re­ mains in the gloryland. There is coming a time when all true members of the church of Jesus Christ, both living and dead, will no longer be displaced per­ sons, but will be gathered home and given an abundant entrance into the Father’s house. Satan, too, is a displaced person. His history is intensely interesting. Appar­ ently he was created a very special an­ gel to be the guardian of God’s throne. From this high and holy place of privi­ lege he sinned and under the curse of God became the evil creature he is to­ day. God also ordained that because of his sin he should dwell eternally in the lake of fire and be tormented forever. Yet today he is Prince of the power of the air and goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. A dis­ placed person! Yet the Word of God promises fjhat in the Father’s own ap­ pointed time Satan shall be consigned to his eternal destiny described in Reve­ lation 20:10.

We Are Opposed to One Easter D ON’T misunderstand us. We are not opposed to. the celebration of our Lord’s glorious resurrection, but we think it is a tragedy to take just one day out of the year in which to joy and rejoice over the gladdest event recorded in the New Testament! Thpre is little doubt but that it is God’s will for us to continuously remem­ ber the fact of His Son’s resurrection. We call Sunday the Lord’s Day mainly because it is. the day on which Jesus rose from the dead. God has given this as a standard showing His desire for us never to be farther away than six days from appreciation and remembrance of the fact that our Lord rose from the dead and that He lives! Could it not be a trick of the Evil One to lay emphasis upon the fact of the resurrection only one day in the year rather than cele­ brating fifty-two times each year this day of joy? Consider now ! Because we sing on Easter the hymns which speak so beau­ tifully of our risen Lord we avoid them the rest of the year. Or, think o f .the passages of resurrection Scripture found in abundance in the chapters of the New Testament which we neglect simply be­ cause the observance of Easter is a sea­ sonal one. Such things ought not to be! The note which brought joy and pro­ duced vitality in the lives of the early Christians was the truth of the resur­ rection! It was that which compelled be­ lief- in the efficacy of the cross of Christ ! It was the climax of the sermons preached by the apostles! It was the sustaining force of the early Christians! It was the difference between merely being a Christian and being thrilled, with the Christian life! Yes, we are opposed to the observance of one Easter. We would like to see the resurrection truth emphasized the whole year through. Displaced Persons O NE of the problems of the world of today is the re-orientation of dis­ rupted lives caused by World War II. Figures seem to differ, but the fact re­ mains, that literally millions of people have been torn from homes and loved ones and driven to parts unknown by the conflict. After the close of hostilities, the Page Four

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