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I grew up in an extended family full of attorneys. In an attempt to carve out my own path and avoid the “family business,” I resisted going into law for years and studied accounting for my undergraduate degree. But like so many other college kids, as I advanced through my classes, I began to wonder whether the field I’d chosen was really the career I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life. It just didn’t seem dynamic enough, with the procedures pretty much set in stone from the beginning.

with the company’s financials entwined with whatever boom or bust the oil and gas industry was experiencing at the time. What’s more, while there are certainly perks of being an in-house attorney, it doesn’t give you the same variety as working for more then one client. When I joined The Gibson Law Group back in 2015, it was a breath of fresh air. From the beginning, it’s been a consistently collaborative experience, every member of our talented team working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. During my three years at the firm, I’ve learned and continue to learn an incredible amount about a variety of industries and businesses. When you’re working with small and midsize businesses, you need to know not just about the law, but how the law intersects with the everyday lives of employees, business owners, and the day-to-day operations of companies. It’s a shifting landscape that never gets boring. Outside of work, I enjoy a different kind of challenge: testing the limits of my physical abilities. Since running my first marathon in Minneapolis in 2011, I’ve run two more, though looking at the calendar, I feel like I’ve been slacking off lately. I’m still regularly running, and still participating in half marathons and other races, but it’s been almost two years since my last 26-mile slog. Hopefully I can find the time to start training and get myself back out there soon. I’ve always been a deeply driven, curious person, eager to take on new challenges and opportunities. By now, I understand that it’s traits like these that made me such a good fit for The Gibson Law Group. Everyone here is a lifelong learner, genuinely interested in understanding each client’s unique business so we can better address their particular needs. Though I may not have wanted to be a lawyer as a kid, I’m thrilled that this is the path I’ve chosen. It’s a privilege to serve my clients as part of such a cohesive, experienced, and dedicated team. –Reagan R. Herod 1 GIBSONLAWGROUP.COM

After I got my bachelor’s degree and decided to move on to law school, it only took me a class or two to realize that this was the field for me. The foundations of the law were complex and constantly changing. Law required a mind that could absorb all kinds of disparate information and contextualize it within a larger strategy. I threw myself into this brand-new world of legal briefs and obscure statutes and never looked back. After graduating from law school, I joined the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals of Texas as a briefing attorney. While there, I gained invaluable experience in appellate law and the inner workings of the court system. Following my time in the Court of Appeals, I secured a position as an associate general counsel for FTS International, a large- scale oil-well completion and services business, where I stayed for five years. Though it was engaging work, it was a volatile environment,

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