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from previous page | FOUNDER’S ARTICLE : COACH: A CHANGE DIRECTOR But one can't rely on luck alone. The whole idea of coaching is doing well in the game of chance.

So coaches play by the following rules:


Opportunities can be spotted only when the capability exists. The capability is the eye to spot the chance. You have to take those chances with correct behaviours. All top performers over a period will settle to mean performance unless they learn to manage chance. So coaches start emphasizing the persistence of performance than depend on chance during every stage of the change process. Persistence comes by identifying and aligning to key behaviours that can trigger, and effect the change. The stages of trigger and effect of changes require different behaviours at each stage of the change cycle. Coaches primarily help individuals identify the correct behaviours for deployment at each stage of the change process. It requires repertoire to develop the wisdom of the type of fundamental behaviours that can create the desired change. The coach focusses on these fundamental behaviours that will trigger and effect the change. Then the coach starts working on variables in the environment to sustain these behaviours. In the event, a deviant variable affects the change process the coach again identifies a new fundamental behaviour for neutralizing the effect of the variable. Coaching is nothing but aligning the correct behaviours for success to happen irrespective of forces of chance. It is no wonder at all that successful professionals walk with a coach alongside. 2. 3. ROLE OF COACHING IN TODAY’S PARLANCE The title is very relevant and appropriate looking at the role of coaching as an institutionalized practice and intervention in today's context especially when the world is aggressively volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. To manage such a dynamic, fast changing ecosystem and environment, coaching serves as a tool to enable people to self-help from the given choices and options.


Sanjeev Dixit is a passionate senior human and business strategy expert with over twenty years of specialized human capital management expertise with proven track record in business results through effective business partnering in talent acquisition and management, performance management, organization capability building and development, employee relations and management, employee engagement and communication, change management and innovation. His career objective is to add value to business by creatively and strategically integrating HR processes and core business processes with focus on improving the key business results.

Coaching today is not limited to mere sports or corporate world but is imperative and relevant in all walks of life. The need of the hour is to develop coaching as a way of living and life as coaching culture is ingrained in our tradition and roots. It will only enable continuous progress of the mankind through enabler-enablee relationship. In today's advanced and artificially intelligent technological environment, coaching brings in human and personalised touch to the learning process and it further contributes to strong human bonding and wholesome engagement of mind, body and soul. Coaching is a route to self-discovery and self-actualization both for the coach as well as the coachee and it further enables enhancement of emotional intelligence, innovation, appreciation and humane quotient which needs to be healthy for the living of mankind for generations to come.

Coaching is a proven mechanism to unleash the inherent and latent talent within the target group which is being coached by an able enabler or coach. Coach in real sense facilitates leveraging of strengths of individu- als by sheer appreciation and celebration of their talent and reinforcing positivity thus converting problems into abundant opportunities. In today's context when hardly anybody is seeking knowledge to learn and most only googling, coaching serves as a perfect and balanced mechanism to encourage the habit of seeking knowledge and learning which ensures sustainable development and grooming of individual and team's talent. Ultimately coaching facilitates the principle that "self-learning and development is self-responsibility".

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