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rate of fibre-based packaging to 90 percent by 2030. The goal is to be accomplished through the initiatives and insights from different workstreams comprised of 4ever- green members focusing on different aspects of collec- tion, sorting and recycling as well as the circular design of fibre-based packaging. The second initiative, CosPaTox, is an EU project to es- tablish a quality standard for non-food plastic post-con- sumer recyclates from mixed feedstock input streams. A recognized obstacle to introducing recycled plastics to package consumer goods is the scarcity of qualitatively acceptable recyclates. While there is a reasonably large volume of generally usable post-consumer waste already collected and processed in many EU countries, these don’t meet the legal requirements for food safety. Enabling the use of recycled non-food plastics for cos- metics or cleaning products packaging is an important part of creating circularity in the value chain. To address this, CosPaTox initiative is working towards the creation of additional quality definitions. In scope of the project are the following applications: • Detergent and other home and hygiene products. In addition to the determination of toxicologically safe threshold levels, the project aims to create a harmonized analytical test methodology that can be used quickly and reliably on site by recyclers. • Cosmetic “leave-on” products. • Cosmetic “rinse-off” products.

operation of running foil, reducing waste and spoilage. The Golden Eagle unit at Simply Cartons is also fitted with Cast & Cure, FoilSync Foilsavings, and FoilCure, devel- oped by Eagle in 2018, for direct replacement for metpol and laminated boards. Established in 2006, Simply Cartons generates an es- timated $35 million in 2020 sales. International clients include British multinational beverage alcohol company Diageo PLC, and Coty, Inc., a global beauty company and marketer of cosmetic, skin, fragrance and hair products. Today, Simply Carton houses more than 140 staffers (from print experts to structural designers and production technicians) in three different production facilities across Europe.

Siegwerk Joins Initiatives For Circularity In Packaging

During the first quarter of 2021 Siegwerk has joined two initiatives to promote circularity in packaging. The first ini- tiative, 4evergreen, is a cross-industry alliance with mem- bers representing the whole packaging value chain and aiming to optimize fibre-based packaging circularity as well as climate performance. 4evergreen endeavors to raise the overall recycling

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May 31, 2021

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