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One Step at a Time

Baking is a creative outlet for Aleesha Nedd, who recently settled in at 818 Commercial in Astoria to offer her scones, crumb cakes, and other treats. Her journey from a pop-up bakery to a brick-and-mortar enterprise is a classic example of balancing risk and thoughtful planning when setting out on a new business venture. Friends and family encouraged Aleesha to share her creative passion with others, and she did, making a conscious choice to move forward incrementally. She calls it “dipping my toes in the water.” While baking for Coffee Girl on Astoria’s 39th Street Pier, Aleesha nourished her creativity and developed a pop-up bakery. If you bake it, they will come, but you also must spread the word. To do that, Aleesha used Facebook and Instagram to tell her followers when and where she would be “popping up” to sell her baked goods. The momentum drove Aleesha to apply her creative force to custom-order cakes, and soon after, it was time to take the next step. “It got to the point where I needed to showcase my own goods and provide a pickup point for my custom orders.” At her new storefront, Aleesha now offers

everything from brie and fig scones to orange-chocolate brownies. She set her store hours from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., but due to early sellouts, she’s keeping her doors open until noon. When Aleesha and I talked about her new adventure, we covered important topics, like her favorite offering. It’s the lemon cookie bar, which is a cross between a lemon cookie bar and cupcake frosting. We also covered scones. Scones, Aleesha explains, are like a biscuit, but more complex. We both agreed scones should not be too sweet, and offerings should include the savory. Why name her bakery “The Naked Lemon?” When she reached for a lemon wedge to include with an order of lox and bagels at Coffee Girl, Aleesha could only find a zested lemon (no skin). She called it a naked lemon, and it stuck. Aleesha’s creative quest continues. On a recent trip to New York City, she explored the wide range of bakeries, from the modern offerings to the decades-old bagel shops.

Aleesha Nedd

Aleesha needs about a week’s advanced notice for a custom cake; and for large parties, like weddings, she will need up to a month.

Check out Aleesha’s Facebook Page and her website, nakedlemonastoria.com.

-Joe Di Bartolomeo

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