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All Color Printers ( ) is a 36- year-old folding carton converter with it’s roots in commer- cial printing. Founder Billy Bogue bought the three-man shop he was working at in 1985 and started the family business. As it is today, All Color Printers is a typical fam- ily, blue-collar business in Deer Park, New York, on Long Island. Today Billy and his wife Peggy’s two sons, Steven and Will are running the company. The company is now at about 100 employees and has expanded to a second manufacturing and warehouse facility in Wilkes-Barre lo- cated in northeast Pennsylvania. “Dad is still active in the company but now calls himself a ‘Project Manager’ as he oversees the company’s expansion and installation proj- ects, and dad is still hands on” says Will Bogue, Vice Pres- ident and second son. The family business is in their blood, Will tells of how his older brother Steven showed up at the plant right after graduating from high school. His father asked what he was doing there and Steven’s answer was “I work here now”. A few years later Will came into the business and the two brothers have continued to build the business together. “Our father was so pleased to hear that we were admitted into the ICG. He knows that knowledge is power and we plan on leveraging the knowledge sharing aspect of the group to help propel us to the next level” say Will. ICG is a growing association of 21 independent folding carton companies from 15 states and Canada. For more information, contact the ICG office at (203) 270-7578.

Brad Tindall (President) and Christine Tindall (Chief People & Culture Officer), Bob and Margaret’s daughter and son- in-law, the Great Little Box Company is not so little any- more, with close to 500 employees throughout the com- pany. GLBC now offers a one source packaging solution, manufacturing corrugated, folding carton, labels, protec- tive packaging and the distribution of shipping supplies. The company over the years has grown through strate- gic acquisitions, and most recently acquired Ideon Pack- aging as COVID-19 began. “The synergies between the two companies were great and aside from product, Ideon was also a family-owned company with a focus on People and Culture, while providing great service to the market” says Doree Quayle, Divisional President, Retail Packaging and heading up the Folding Carton and Label Divisions. “The heart of our company is our people” Quayle contin- ues, “growing our people, will help us continue to grow our company, and it is key to note that growing our people comes first”. Excited to be a member of ICG, Quayle sees the mem- bership as a cornerstone in the company’s continued growth. “With our focus on our people and the ICG’s em- phasis on knowledge sharing and training, the synergies are endless. Combine that with the mindset that multi-gen- erational entrepreneurial leadership brings to companies and the match for our company is obvious” says Quayle.

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June 20, 2022

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