Board Converting News, June 20, 2022

Baumer hhs Introduces CorrBox Solution System

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Baumer hhs is introducing a new approach to gluing and quality control in the production of corrugated packag- ing. “Sustainable packaging regulations, zero-defect pro- duction, rising cost pressure, the increasing shortage of skilled workers, and the instability of global supply chains – a number of challenges affecting the industry right now prompted us to rethink adhesive application and monitor- ing in corrugated packaging production,” explains Andreas Schneiders, Corrugated Business Development Manag- er, Baumer hhs. “We had several goals in mind, some of which initially seemed incompatible. The result of our ef- forts is the CorrBox Solution system for flexo folder gluers. It boasts unprecedented performance and flexibility, and gives our customers significant advantages.” For its CorrBox Solution, the company developed the PGD 1000, a sensor with camera-like properties that sets new standards in monitoring the gluing process. “Previ- ously, adhesives were mixed with additives that fluoresce under UV light to appear blue, yellow, or green,” continues Schneiders. “The purpose of the additives was to create contrast between the surface of the packaging and the glue tracks so that cameras and sensors could detect the adhesive. In view of the wide variety of packaging surfac- es – white, brown, printed – this task was always quite a challenge. The additives made the adhesives up to 50 percent more expensive, they were unacceptable under food safety laws in some cases and they limited purchas- ing options. The PGD 1000 eliminates all of these issues. The new sensor detects adhesive on corrugated board gives corrugated convert- ers the freedom to glue any kind packaging with- out having to worry about the monitoring process or the type of surface. What is more, they no longer have to decide between sensors or cameras for monitoring adhesive application. Eliminating the need for fluorescing additives in the adhesives offers yet another advantage: corrugated pack- aging producers can use a wider range of different ad- hesives. “Having a flexible choice of adhesives was one of our main goals in developing the CorrBox Solution. In view of the dramatic situation of global supply chains, our customers benefit even more from this kind of flexibility today,” adds Thomas Walther, Head of Business Develop- ment, Baumer hhs. without any fluorescing additives whatsoever. And it doesn’t matter if or how the surface of a substrate is printed.” In short, the PGD 1000

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June 20, 2022

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