Board Converting News, June 20, 2022

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Similarly, the company has set another milestone in the market with its new multi-application head for the CorrBox Solution. It is based on the innovative technology behind the Baumer hhs PX 1000 cold glue applicator, which is sig- nificantly more tolerant of viscosity fluctuations thanks to a newly designed electromagnetic drive that achieves a 42 percent higher closing force (compared to the PL-500 pre- decessor model). The multi-application head guarantees premium gluing results even at the limits of the viscosity range, without requiring complex parameter settings. With its high closing force, even adhesives that have thickened after long idle periods can be reliably dis- pensed. The nozzles on the multi-application head can be lowered into an optional water bath that effectively pre- vents them from drying out, even over extended periods, and eliminates any contamination or residue build-up. The PX 1000 multi-application head displays excellent start-up behavior as a result. “Customers are starting to report that the multi-applica- tion head doubles the duration of uninterrupted produc- tion between two cleaning cycles. In other words, it cuts cleaning in half. The risk of gluing errors is reduced to the same extent. Another advantage is the up to 60% reduc- tion in glue consumption,” says Walther. “Baumer hhs has made these significant savings possible by using an opti- CONTINUED ON PAGE 22


June 20, 2022

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