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3controller – something that was only possible before with a camera system. The list of new functions also includes edge detection. In this case, the PGD 1000 checks the inside and outside glue lines towards the outer edge to reliably prevent inside gluing – and further increase the reliability of the overall production process. The CorrBox Solution is modular. Customers can choose from various models, a number of different control and monitoring functions, as well as optional software fea- tures. Due to its open architecture, the system can grow along with the needs of customers long term, meaning it offers them future-proof equipment and the assurance of a secure investment.

mised stitching algorithm that works hand-in-hand with the speed of the PX 1000 application head. With this method, the continuous line of glue applied previously is divided into a series of short segments without any tailing whatso- ever. It results in significant savings on adhesive, and even increased adhesive strength in many cases.” Parameters can be set and predefined on different lev- els. Settings that have to be entered only once by an ex- pert are clearly separated from parameters entered by ma- chine operators, the number of which has been reduced to a minimum. In addition, many parameters can be stored in the controller and easily adapted by an operator using simple plus/minus keys. With these features, the Xtend3 also supports short setup times. With this sensor, machine operators can follow the glu- ing process live, in real time on the screen of the Xtend-

Amcor’s Product Rebranding Highlights Sustainable Options

Zurich, Switzerland based Amcor, a global leader in developing and producing respon- sible packaging solutions, recently unveiled a product rebrand designed to give customers a clearer, holistic view of its growing portfolio of more sustainable packaging solutions. This significant marketing effort provides custom- ers with greater visibility and transparency of Amcor’s extensive product portfolio that has grown over the years through innovation and strategic acquisitions. The redesign of Amcor’s product portfolio highlights three key differentiating benefits for customers: the most advanced solutions in more sustainable packaging; product func- tionality and differentiated solutions for high growth market segments such as healthcare, dairy and protein; and performance character- istics across a wide range of material options. “Amcor is unique in its ability to provide customers with an unparalleled offering of packaging solutions on a global scale,” said Peter Konieczny, Amcor’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Our customers require packaging that meets their needs in terms of functional- ity and performance, with a broad choice of high-performing material options and that de- livers outstanding sustainability benefits. Our rebranding design makes it easy for custom- ers to find the best packaging solution to grow and strengthen their brand.” From now on, all packaging options with more sustainable features are easily identi- fied with the new Amcor “EcoGuard” brand. Similarly, the new designs allow customers to easily identify the features, benefits and functionalities that best meet their product re- quirements and consumer needs. Visit for more information.


June 20, 2022

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