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Step Five - Disposed AKA: Retired, Lost/Stolen, Sold, Destroyed, Trashed, Re- moved From Service Definition: The asset has been removed from the comput- ing environment permanently and is no longer the proper- ty or concern of the organization. For both hardware and software assets, so sort of evidence should be generated documenting the handoff between the old owner and the new one. You’ll notice something very particular about these definitions - they are mutually exclusive. That means something that is “In Use” can’t be in any other stage. For example, something that is Disposed can’t be on the shelf in inventory. It’s gone. Something that’s In Use can’t be sitting on the truck on its way to be delivered. The IT Asset Management Lifecycle - Look For The Data With these new definitions in mind, we can identify data attributes that will signal an asset has moved from one as- set lifecycle stage to another. (But let’s change the order a little bit, to make it a little easier to describe…) Installed : If an asset is installed, you should see it ac- tive on your network. For hardware, end-users should be

Definition: The asset has been physically received and is being made ready for use in the computing environment. In the case of software, documentation from the publisher acknowledging your organization has more use-rights to their software.

Step Three - Installed AKA: In Use, Deployed, Implemented, Active

BCN(US)202109(o)(出血5mm).pdf 1 2021/9/7 下午 03:50:46 For hardware, more manual effort will be required. A technician should really inspect the hardware for defects, ensure it still has some useful life in it, then clean, clear, wipe, and reinstall the base image before declaring it ready for redeployment. Step Four - Recovered AKA: Returned, Fit for use, Recycled, Harvested Definition: The asset has been removed from the comput- ing environment temporarily, with the intent it will be used again. For software, little evidence is needed to show the use- right has moved back into inventory. Best business prac- tice is to ensure the software is uninstalled from the origi- nal computer. Otherwise, you could be penalized for it in a software license audit! Definition: The asset is active in the computing environ- ment. This works for both hardware and software assets.











June 20, 2022

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