Board Converting News, June 20, 2022

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detected logging into it, it has an IP address and network name, it is consuming power, it appears on network scans, etc. Software installations should detected and reported on by a “command and control” tool like Microsoft’s MEM, JAMF, VMWare vCenter, etc. Disposed : You should have a certification, receipt, or something else that shows your organization no longer

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has the hardware or software asset in hand (and who now does!). If you have such a document, but the asset is be- having as if it’s installed, you have a problem and had bet- ter look into it! And, for those of you asking, yes software licenses can be returned to the publisher (usually under very specific conditions and with very specific paperwork Procured : It shouldn’t show up anywhere other than on a P.O. or tracking number. But if it acts like it is installed,

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June 20, 2022

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