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Jeremy L. Boerger, the ITAM Coach, founded Boerger Consulting with the idea of helping organizations “cut their software budget without buying less software.” He also speaks profes- sionally to pass along his 20+ years’ experience to the next generation of

then it is a good bet someone skipped a step. And a skipped step could mean skipped protections, unautho- rized installations. Both could signal a serious cybersecu- rity breach! Inventoried & Recovered : This is the trickiest part. We know they’ve been purchased because we have docu- mentation saying so. We know they haven’t been thrown away because we don’t have a document staying so. We know they aren’t deployed because they’re not showing active in the network. Therefore, the only place these de- vices should be is in your warehouse or staging area. And that should be an easy walk to look and find it. The Asset Management Lifecycle – The Big Payoff By reorganizing your hardware around this kind of an IT asset management lifecycle, you will know with a much higher degree of certainty what hardware is being used and what isn’t. Consequently, you’ll know what software needs to be licensed because it’s (almost always) running on the deployed hardware. The real impact will be felt in the cost savings this kind of trustworthy data can provide. A common question asked of ITAM managers is “How much is our ITAM program sav- ing the company?” The answer is simple: how many assets (hardware or software) were moved from the “Recovered” state to the “Inventoried” state. The reasoning is very sim- ple: every interrupted purchase is money saved!

ITAM and SAM professionals. His book, “Rethinking Infor- mation Technology Asset Management,” is in paperback and ebooks. Visit George H. Weyerhaeuser, Great- Grandson Of Founder, Dies At 95 Seattle, Washington based Weyerhaeuser Company has announced the passing of George H. Weyerhaeuser Sr., long-time former leader and great-grandson of founder Frederick Weyerhaeuser. Weyerhaeuser served as pres- ident and CEO from 1966 to 1991 and continued to serve as Board chairman through 1999. He oversaw significant growth of the company, including a number of major tim- berland acquisitions, and had an enduring impact on the evolution of forest management at Weyerhaeuser and across the industry. He was 95. “George was an extraordinary person and leader — one of the most influential in the history of the indus-



June 20, 2022

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