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WPR Services Captures, Leverages Data To Enhance Customer Success It’s been often quoted — with attributions to both manage- ment gurus Peter Drucker and W. Edwards Deming — that a business cannot manage what it cannot measure. To put it simply, information is king. Chris Harris, President and Founder of WPR Services in Fishers, Indiana, has devoted himself and his company to capturing and capitalizing on data to improve the opera- tions of his customers. Harris has spent his entire professional career in the corrugated industry, a great many of those years with conveyor company Systec Conveyor Corp. He’s garnered experience in everything from sales, management, equip- ment installation, engineering, and, most recently, comput- er coding.

Harris launched WPR Services four years ago with the foundational idea being that the proper collection and use of data could lead to companies improving safety, main- tenance activity, quality control and production efficiency.

“Everything I’ve learned over the years in the corrugated industry has been geared to- ward providing solutions for the customer,” Harris said. “And proper data management al- lows every aspect of a manufacturing facility to improve.” By providing a completely turnkey solution, which includes hardware, equipment, installa- tion, and IT, WPR’s customers are free from worry. “When you are dealing with high-tech solutions, customers do not want to be left to their own devices,” said Harris. “They need 100 percent confidence that everything has been configured properly and will run without a glitch. And if any issue arises they must be secure in the knowledge that you will make every attempt to correct it fast as possible.” WPR supplies a complete digital twin of the factory floor, enabling the company to monitor and capture every aspect of the manufactur- ing process. “It wasn’t long ago that if a customer had a problem they could not find on their own, I would fly across the country only to find that a photo eye needed to be cleaned or a reset button could be engaged to solve the whole situation,” Harris remembered. “With all the technology we now have at our disposal, and that WPR utilizes, we can monitor and correct problems on the plant floor remotely from anywhere in the world.” WPR’s first order of business in dealing with customers, according to Harris, is to un- derstand their individual needs. “With such a monumental amount of data being collected on the plant floor, it’s important to know what each customer most wants to measure.”

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June 20, 2022

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