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JACK, TOGO, AND BANDIT WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND 3 FURRY HEROES Sometimes, heroes come sans cape but with fur, paws, and a keen sense of smell. We’ve heard the stories of police dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, and the German shepherd Trakr, who found the last survivor on 9/11. But even untrained pets and strays can be heroic. Meet Jack, a stray dog in New York City known for scavenging through dumpsters. One early morning, his routine search for food took a life-saving turn. Behind one of these dumpsters was a baby, wrapped in a blanket, vulnerable and alone. Instinctively and with remarkable gentleness, Jack picked up the baby in the blanket with his teeth. Whether guided by fate, an extraordinary sense of purpose, or just because it was the closest open business, Jack took the baby to the hospital. The nurses tried to shoo him away when he first ran through the sliding doors. One nurse, noticing the bundle in the dog’s mouth, was able to get close enough to retrieve the baby. Thanks to Jack, the baby received life-saving medical attention. In the 1920s, the remote town of Nome, Alaska, grappled with a deadly diphtheria epidemic. Children were dying, and the icebound city was inaccessible by plane or boat in the winter. The only way to deliver the needed antitoxins was by dog sled on the Iditarod Trail. Balto, a Siberian husky, received most of the fame, but Togo, another husky, led the team across the most treacherous part of the journey. These

dogs delivered life-saving medicine in time and saved many of Nome’s children. Cats can be heroes, too, as proved by a calico cat who lived up to his name in the most unexpected way. One night in Mississippi, intruders were trying to break into a home. The house cat, Bandit, sensed the danger and sprang into action. The cat’s relentless scratching and tugging at its owner’s blanket finally woke him. Then Bandit led his human downstairs to discover the attempted break-in, which also scared away the intruders. Bandit proved that size and species don’t matter in heroism. In moments of crisis, these four-legged heroes rose to the occasion, not for glory or reward but out of pure love and loyalty. They are potent reminders of the courage and selflessness that animals are capable of.


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