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Our Professional Engineers and Professional Geoscientists Help Make the World a Better Place APEGA Celebrates 100 Years of Self-Regulatory Success

Eight engineering students—leaders in their student communities—received a financial boost earlier this year by way of the Ivan Finlay Leadership Award. This program, sponsored by past Presidents of APEGA, sees $1,000 go to select Alberta students enrolled in university engineering or geoscience programs who demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities. On the list this year are four students from the University of Calgary and four from the University of Alberta. One of the recipients, Eric Wu, E.I.T., of U of C, said his appreciation goes beyond dollars and cents. “In addition to the financial support, awards serve as strong reminders about the importance of giving back to the community and leading by example,” he said. Leadership prompts others to give of their time, too, often stemming from the challenges they've faced and the help they've received along the way. The Ivan Finlay Award is “extremely rewarding, since it shows that my efforts on committees are being recognized.” Mr. Wu, a PhD student, serves on the Calgary APEGA Student Liaison Committee. He’s passionate about giving back, offering advice to other students, and establishing connections with members of his profession and the greater community. The award helped with his tuition and family expenses, he said. Another recipient is APEGA student member Callie Lissinna, a student leader of a University of Alberta group that launches satellites, called AlbertaSat. She’s a co-founder of Wyvern, a company that uses satellites to deliver Earth imagery. Award Recognizes Leadership Qualities in Alberta Students The Future Starts Here

She said the Ivan Finlay Leadership Award helped send her to the 70th International Astronautical Congress in Washington, D.C., in October, where she was able to network with more than 5,000 like-minded attendees from around the world. Ms. Lissinna is currently preparing for AlbertaSat’s 2021 launch of a cube satellite that will monitor Alberta for wildfires and advance Wyvern’s objectives. This year’s complete roster of award recipients consists of six engineers-in-training and two student members of APEGA:

One hundred years. Ten decades. One century. No matter how you divide it, reaching a centennial is an

Edmonton, Calgary, and the province itself will provide official recognition of our centennial. Edmonton’s High

impressive achievement. Since 1920, our members have been enhancing the quality of life for people in Alberta and around the world. Over the same period, APEGA has established itself as the largest self-regulating organization of professionals in Western Canada. Our members’ work and their professional organization’s work carry on today. We’re proud of our skilled community of permit holders and members for getting us here, pointing us to a bright future—and, most important, serving the public. Through Habitat for Humanity, we’ll be building a home to support a family in need. APEGA’s branches will hold events, including activities such

Level Bridge and the Calgary Tower will be lit with APEGA colours on April 24. In the digital sphere, we’re showcasing 100 historical and current stories that showcase the incredible contributions our members have made. We’ll also be posting videos during the year that look back and look ahead. We’ve got centennial gear you can purchase. We’ll be working with the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary on various events. Keep an eye on all our platforms and channels next year to make sure you get involved in the fun and interesting activities we’re planning. Thank you for sharing this journey in self-regulation with your association and



Amanda Calleberg, E.I.T.

University of Calgary

Heidi Cossey, E.I.T.

University of Alberta

Jiani Deng, E.I.T.

University of Calgary

Georgia Dunn, E.I.T. Callie Lissinna, student member

University of Alberta

University of Alberta

Meghana Valupadas, E.I.T.

University of Alberta

Joel Wong, student member

University of Calgary

as planting 100 trees, building structures out of canned food (and donating the food afterwards), and holding family BBQs.

the public of Alberta.

Eric Wu, E.I.T.

University of Calgary

See you in our next century!

If you are a potential recipient or you know someone who may be interested in submitting a nomination for next year’s Ivan Finlay Leadership Award, don’t hesitate—download the 2020 nomination package today. There are up to 10 awards available, each with a prize of $1,000. Nominations are due at 9 a.m. on February 14, 2020.

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PHOTO CREDITS 1. Canadarm2 and Dextre Robot, credit: NASA 2. Pioneering female geoscientist, credit: Glenbow ip-14a-1828 Diana Loranger 1947 3. Gorgosaur, credit: Royal Tyrrell Museum, Drumheller 4. Jasper SkyTram, credit: Jasper SkyTram 5. Bitumount engineer, credit: Glenbow pa-1599-451-4 Chemical engineer Bitumount 1951 6. Syncrude employee, credit: Syncrude 7. Soil testing at the Research Council of Alberta, credit: Provincial Archives of Alberta PA3011.2 8. Phone calls get through, credit: Glenbow Archives ip-6f-18os






- photo courtesy Georgia Dunn

INVESTING IN TOMORROW Eight community-minded engineering students received a financial boost this year—to the tune of $1,000 each—through APEGA’s Ivan Finlay Leadership Award program. From left: Georgia Dunn, E.I.T.; Heidi Cossey, E.I.T.; Callie Lissinna, student member of APEGA; Eric Wu, E.I.T.; Amanda Calleberg, E.I.T.; Meghana Valupadas, E.I.T.; Joel Wong, student member of APEGA, Jiani Deng, E.I.T.

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