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T he M agical P ull of the P ool

Physical Therapy Services, P.A. is excited and proud to announce that Lindsay Williams, occupational therapist, is one of the few OTs in Tennessee to complete her occupational therapy doctorate. Dr. Williams completed the 2 1/2-year program through Eastern Kentucky University in May 2016. Her capstone product was based on OT intervention in children suffering from neonatal abstinence syndrome (babies born to drug addicted mothers). Her primary interest was the development of activities for these children to increase their attention span. She has lectured at Milligan College OT program on this topic and is looking to have her work published in journal and a textbook. Please join me and the whole PTS family in extending our congratulations to Dr. Lindsay Williams. Dr. Jen McGrath, PT, OCS was recently notified that she has successfully completed requirements to earn the title of Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. The OCS designation signifies dedication to the profession and a willingness to continue to expand one’s body of knowledge. Dr. McGrath serves as a fellow in orthopedic physical therapy. FROM THE DESK OF Dr. Smith

H ow to T ake the E xperience up a N otch

It’s no secret kids love water. When the summer heat waves peak, kids in bright bathing suits charge through sprinklers, shoot down hose-powered Slip N’Slides, and take turns perfecting their cannonballs at the neighborhood pool. This affinity for water is particularly powerful when they’re small; the single word“pool” can inspire them to eat broccoli or even clean up their rooms. But what makes the water so alluring? Susan Brown, an assistant director and parent educator at Commonwealth Parenting, has a theory. “I like to think of children’s fingers as if there are little brains on the tip of each finger,”Brown wrote in an article for Community Idea Stations.“When these little brains get stimulated through play, neurons begin to fire. This firing of neurons excites the brain, causing it to grow bigger, stronger, and more facile, setting the brain up for higher levels of cognition. One of the simplest ways to provide sensory play is through water activities.” In other words, kids love water because splashing around in it is literally helping their brains grow. For busy parents, this is a blessing: Letting the kids loose at the pool under the eye of an experienced lifeguard can be an ideal way to keep the summer fun rolling for kids and adults alike. Follow the tips below to enrich the pool experience for your kids and get those neurons firing.


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