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December and the Holidays are in full swing. Everyone’s so busy - no time to do anything out of the ordinary. Making health changes? Why don’t we wait until the New Year. HOW ABOUT WE DON’T! You can make health changes anytime you want...even during the most busiest time of the year. That’s why I’m leading by example and making some healthy food changes right now (actually I started in November but it was still in the holiday season). I wanted to eat a little better, try to get a little more energy and eat foods that would help keep me healthy. I’m a practical person so I didn’t want to make huge changes that would be a lot of work. Biggest bang for your buck is what I was interested in. I did a little research to find some of the healthiest foods or drinks. I wanted stuff that was nutrient dense - meaning lots of good stuff crammed into it. I found one fruit one vegetable and one drink that I decided to add to my diet almost every day. Consistency is important so if you want to make a significant change you have to do it often. Here’s what I found and here’s how I worked it into my diet. Blueberries! Berries are huge sources of antioxidants - which help keep you healthy by protecting cells from damaging products called free radicals. I have a protein shake every morning so I added two small handfuls of blueberries each morning into my shake. Easy and tasty - one healthy choice added no problem. Kale! Kale might be the most nutrient dense and healthy green on the planet. Maybe spinach - but spinach can block absorption of calcium so I went with Kale. Just so you know I like spinach. Would prefer it by far over kale -

• Relieve Knee Pain In Minutes • Patient Success Spotlight Moral of the story: 1.) Whenever you feel like making a change - don’t wait. Do it while you’re still motivated to do it. 2.) Small changes can make significant impacts in your life - even just one - it doesn’t have to be three like I did. but I feel kale is a little better for me so I went for it. I take raw kale and pull it off the stem and eat one small plate full of it every night either with dinner (in addition to my dinner veggies) or after dinner. Full disclosure: raw kale tastes like grass to me. It’s not terrible, but it’s not good either. However - for the best veggie on the planet I can choke it down with a smile every time. For my third healthy change I decided to go with green tea. Lots of great stuff in green tea (look it up). I wanted to go de-caf green tea but after a little research I found out that the de-caf process also takes a lot of the good stuff out of it as well - so I went with the regular version. I have 1-2 cups of green tea at night after dinner (after my kale). Does all of this sound crazy - yeah maybe - or maybe I’m onto something. Small changes that can make big differences. In all honesty I have to say I do feel good physically with my changes that I’ve made. Is it real or is it imagined? Who cares I feel good!

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