Salute October 2018

Let ter From the Edi tor Welcome back! I?m Kir sten Gossman, and I would like to reacquaint you with Crestwood High School?s magazine The Salute. This year marks my second year as editor . This issue of The Salute features new students, teacher s and classes. We highlighted changes at CHS for the back to school season. Last year the yearbook staff at CHS worked hard to publish The Salute. For the 2018- 2019 school year, a separ ate staff of seven sophomores, junior s, and senior s are dedicated to producing a quality magazine. We once again have par tnered with The Cresco Shopper and would like to thank them for their continuous suppor t. Additionally, on behalf of the magazine staff, I would like to thank the businesses that adver tised in The Salute this year . Your generous suppor t is greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy the fir st edition of the 2018- 2019 year.

Inf l uenci ng A t t i tudes

Article By Hallie Frohn

Mindset Development, one of the newest classes implemented at Crestwood High School, focuses on influencing the attitudes of CHSstudents. In the cour se, students lear n about the definition of words and how they can better their lives and thoughts. ?I think students are more aware of themselves, how they act and how that impacts other s. They?re more aware of their actions which then helps them fix and improve how they act and talk around other s,?commented Mr. Denner, a second- year teacher of Mindset. This year, Mr. Justin Denner and Mr s. Alicia Denner have added the cour se Mindset Development II for students who have taken the fir st cour se in the past. ?We teach about words, so we teach about attitude, composure, empathy, and tr ust among other things. We teach about things that can impact individuals while in high school as well as after,?stated Mr. Denner. As of r ight now, Mindset Development II has twenty- five students enrolled for fir st semester. Crestwood senior Katie Saner took the cour se with Mr. Denner dur ing the 2017- 2018 school year and is cur rently enrolled in Mindset Development II. Saner says, ?It?s a fun class that changes your point of view on things and makes you value and respect what you have.?Saner ?s favor ite par t about Mindset Two is the ethical dilemma that comes with each word given. She likes to think about how the word has a different meaning for ever yone or how it could be controver sial. One of Saner ?s favor ite words is empathy. ?Because of the class, I feel like I have a better mindset for life,?commented Saner.

As Crestwood High School teacher and coach Mr. Justin Denner instr ucts Mindset Development II students in this week's word empathy, senior Jon Henr y (middle) r aises his hand to contr ibute to the discussion. Also pictured from left to r ight are Kayla Hr uska, Tr istan Wether ington, and Cade Wenthold.

Teacher By Day, Coach by Ni gh t

Article By Morgan Moser

Mr. Per r y Kessel is the new Pr actical Algebr a, Algebr a 1, and Business Math teacher at CHS. Mr. Kessel?s hometown is Waukon, Iowa. He attended Waukon High School and played many spor ts, including football, golf, and tr ack. Mr. Kessel is now the freshman football coach as well as the coach for the var sity r unningbacks at CHS. When he star ted college, he wanted to star t his own business. He loved working with people, so he initially wanted to be a PE teacher. After he lear ned the job market was difficult in PE, he chose to pur sue math because he also enjoyed number s. Mr. Kessel?s main goal this year is to become a better teacher in his fir st year of teaching. Mr. Kessel chose the education profession because he wanted to help students and wanted to influence someone. One thing he wants people to know is that he is always willing to help someone. Mr. Kessel said, ?If you ever hear someone say that Mr. Kessel doesn?t help you, they are wrong. One way or another, I am always here to help.?

New CHS math teacher Mr. Per r y Kessel assists sophomore Rylan Sorenson with a math problem.

Mr. Caleb Shaeffer is the new athletic director and dean of students at Crestwood High School. Mr. Shaeffer is from Huxley, IA, 9 miles south of Ames. He loved his hometown and gr aduated from a 3A school distr ict with 120 other students. He par ticipated in ever ything from football, wrestling, choir, and band to National Honor Society, and FCA. He played soccer his senior year and led the team in yellow cards. He said, ?You name it, I was in it.?His favor ite spor t was football, but he loved wrestling too. He played football and wrestled in college. ?Education is supposed to ser ve as the great equal and to help r aise a better society,? stated Mr. Shaeffer. That?s why he choose this profession. Also, he loves people and he loves talking to people. Mr. Shaeffer said, ?My favor ite par t of Crestwood is the people because ever yone is super fr iendly, nice, and helpful with ever ything.?His favor ite par t of his job is that nothing is the same. He thinks The Jack of A l l Trades Article By Morgan Moser

Mr. Caleb Shaeffer began as 7- 12 athletic director and dean of students in August.

he has a schedule, but that never goes as planned because something always pops up. He stated, ?It?s cr azy and I never know what?s going to come up but it keeps me busy.?His goal this year is to engage the community and to improve ever y day. Mr. Shaeffer said, ?Ever yone should have that goal because ever yone should tr y and be better ever y day.?

Mar ia Bonner is a new freshman student at Crestwood High School. She tr ansfered to CHS from Postville at the beginning of this year. She said the reason she came to CHS was because her mom wanted a change. She thinks that Crestwood is ver y welcoming and that she really likes that but she doesn?t necessar ily like ar t class because she?s not good at it. Coming to a new school as a freshman is ?better than coming to school as a little kid,? because it?s not as scar y. She didn?t par ticipate in any activities in Postville and is unsure whether she will par ticipate in any this year. Article By Kirsten Gossman

Mar ia Bonner

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