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Article By Kirsten Gossman

The English Depar tment at Crestwood High School has added a var iety of new classes including Young Adult Liter ature, Br itish Liter ature, Wr iting for Life, and Multicultur al Liter ature. The decision to add these classes was made by multiple English teacher s at CHS, including Mr s. Julie Car ter. She claims that the depar tment decided to change the cour se offer ings in order to moder nize choices. She said, "Some classes were outdated, and we wanted to add more contempor ar y classes for student interest.? The depar tment also wanted to add more wr iting cour ses to balance out the amount of wr iting and liter ature cour se offer ings. Mr s. Tr ish Har tman, guidance counselor at CHS, says that ?the new additions to the English depar tment are adding more of a var iety for students to choose from.? The process to change classes is long and consists of many meetings until they are put into the cur r iculum and approved by the school board. ?This is something we had been talking about for a long time, and it seemed like it was a natur al time to make the change,?says Mr s. Car ter. Gr aduation requirements changed because a student couldn?t have a wr iting or reading class after tenth gr ade. Mr s. Car ter says, ?We thought it was impor tant that students are able to show that they can be proficient at wr iting and reading beyond the tenth gr ade.? Mar y Tur nbull, a sophomore at CHS is a cur rently taking Young Adult Liter ature, and says she or iginally took it to ?fill empty space in her schedule.?Tur nbull likes the class, because it?s a lot more laid back and it fits her interests more than other classes. She says she would definitely encour age other s to take this class because it?s fun.

Sophomore Mar y Tur nbull reads Looking for Alaska by John Green in Young Adult Liter ature, a new cour se offered at CHS.

Mr. Nicholas Hirka is a new member of the English depar tment at Crestwood High School. He teaches sever al English cour ses including English 9, Speech, Workplace Communication, and Multicultur al Liter ature. One thing Mr. Hirka wanted students to know when they enter his class is ?I give you the benefit of the doubt, and I?m pretty good at listening and identifying with people.? Although this is his fir st year teaching here in Cresco, he has taught in other Nor theast Iowa schools. He or iginally is from Des Plaines, a suburb of Chicago. Mr. Hirka attended college at the Univer sity of Chicago. At age 22, he decided he wanted to become an English teacher for many reasons. He said, ?I liked having a job that changes ever y day.?His fir st teaching job was at Kee High, a high school located in Lansing, Iowa. He taught English cour ses there for about five year s. Unfor tunately, it came time to move on from Kee High. Another job oppor tunity opened in Elkader. Mr. Hirka worked at Centr al High School for a year and then landed here at Crestwood. Along with English talents, Mr. Hirka has other passions. His favor ite hobby is music. ?I have Scarlett Wankerl is the daughter of Thomas and Jennifer Wankerl. Wankerl and her family moved here this past June from Middleton, Wisconsin. Her previous school was lar ger with 2,200 students enrolled. Class sizes were at least 31 kids. Wankerl is dual enrolled here, which means she is taking a few classes at CHS and some classes online. Being dual enrolled allows her to take classes that she is interested in pur suing in her future. Here at Crestwood she is a student in choir and clay class. Wankerl enjoys being dual enrolled because it gives her more options and oppor tunities, and she can still use the resources she needs at Crestwood. She is also involved in the school musical The Addams Family in the role of Mor ticia Addams. Wankerl likes the smaller school more because she receives more one- on- one help than at her previous school. This year, Wankerl said, ?I want to meet more people and just make the best of it.? Articleby HayleeHolten The Hi dden A r t i st Article By Gina Hayek

Scarlett Wankerl

Besides teaching, Mr. Nick Hirka enjoys creating ar t and playing in a band.

been playing dr ums forever it seems like,? he stated. Along with dr ums, Mr. Hirka also plays bass. His cur rent band, Ghost Peaks, is based out of Decor ah and plays alter native music. He joined this band when he and a close fr iend had been playing together for a while and decided to star t a band. Natur ally, Mr. Hirka has been the band?s dr ummer for 2 year s. Another passion he has a talent for is dr awing. Mr. Hirka stated, ?If I couldn?t be an English teacher, I?d want to be an ar t teacher.? He claimed that even throughout childhood he has always enjoyed ar t. Mr. Hirka enjoys letter ing and dr awing. Soon he hopes to star t selling his ar t. Mr. Hirka finds the most inspir ation from his father and gr andfather. He stated, ?I like their work ethic and ability to be present, open and fr iendly in tough situations.?

This bird is a small sample of the ar tistic talents of Mr. Nick Hirka, a CHS English teacher.

Mr. Justin Thr ailkill, the new special education teacher at Crestwood High School, is in his third year of teaching. Mr. Thr ailkill ear ned a degree in physical education and adaptive physical education (APE) from Winona State Univer sity, located in Winona, Minnesota. APE is a physical education cour se designed to help special education students with a disability fur ther develop their motor skills. Previously, Mr. Thr ailkill has taught sections of both physical education and adaptive physical education for K- 12 students. ?I?ve always been involved with special education children in some way before,?Mr. Thr ailkill stated. At CHS some of Mr. Thr ailkill?s daily activities involve helping students with homework or lessons that they might have missed. Along with co- teaching with other CHS teacher s, he also works with students to build goals for the year along with better behavior s so that they can be successful in the classroom. Mr. Thr ailkill commented, ?Helping people is what keeps me involved and interested. I enjoy working with the students and the challenges that it br ings me each year.? Work i ng to Bui l d Goal s Articleby HallieFrohn

Mr. Justin Thr ailkill joins the special education depar tment at CHS.

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