King's Business - 1934-01


B IOLA BOOK ROOM , b y SPEC IA L A R R A N G E ­ MENT w ith T H E K ING ’S BUSINESS, offers th e fol­ low ing list of carefully selected CHR IST IAN BOOKS to subscribers to T H E K ING ’S BUSINESS. W e have d iv id ed th e list in to T H R E E GROU PS an d ONE V ERY SPEC IA L O F FE R (see b e low ) an d Q U O ­ T ED a LOW COMB INAT ION PR ICE fo r each bo o k selected, p ro v id e d th a t it is tak en in connection w ith a Y EA R ’S SUBSCR IPT ION to T H E K ING ’S BUSI­

NESS. W e know th a t during this m o n th thou sand s of K ING ’S BUSINESS re ad e rs will b e renew ing their subscriptions, aind we believe th a t m an y w ill b e in te r­ ested in getting one of these valuab le boo k s a t a price b u t little ab o v e th e regu lar subscription price fo r th e m agazine alone. Even if you hav e a lre ad y p a id your subscription fo r th e y e a r to com e, you can give a sub­ scription to a friend a n d get th e b o o k fo r yourself. It is a ra re o p p o rtun ity . P lease re ad this p ag e carefully.

N C . 1 * G E C C C N C . 2 f G E C I J P N C . 3


Books that usually sell for ONE DOLLAR or more are here OFFERED FREE with a single annual subscription to THE KING’S BUSINESS a t .............................................. $1.50 Studies in the Life of Christ By A. M. Fairbairn. A book of abid­ ing value, worthy of a prominent place among the Bible students' best aids. Regular price $1.25. Our Offer: Send $ 1.50 and we will forward you this book postpaid, and THE K ING 'S BUSINESS for one year. O ther titles a t the sam e p rice include: “The U nshaken K ingdom ,” b y H. C. Mabie, reg u ­ la r price $1.00; “M ysteries of the K ingdom ,” by W . C. Stevens. A series of unusual studies in th e -second com ing of th e Lord. “W hy I Believe in th e V irgin B irth of Jesu s C hrist,” b y W illiam E vans, reg u lar p rice $1.00. A valuable addition to th e C h ristian ’s lib rary .

Just add 25c to your usual subscription p a y m e n t o f $ 1 .5 0 for THE KING’S BUSINESS and w e will send you postpaid any one of the books listed in this column, the usual price of which ranges from $1 .2 5 to $3.00. Surely a worthwhile offer__

Eight wonderful books are included in this group; books that usually sell at from $ 1 .5 0 to $2 .0 0 each are now offered in combi­ nation with a year’s sub­ scription to THE KING’S BUSINESS at the total price for subscription and book of $2.0 0 ,— just 50c more than the regular price of the year’s subscription..........


$ 2.00

The Conflict of the Ages

By A. C. Gaebelein. A masterly pre­ sentation of the origin of evil, showing its consummation in the atheistic com­ munism of today. Regular price $1.00. Our Offer: Send us $1.75 and we will forward any of fhe books listed in this section postpaid together with a year's sub­ scription to THE K ING 'S BUSINESS. “The Shadow of th e R ock an d o th er S er­ m ons,” by O rrin P. G ifford, a series of c h arac te ristic p u lp it ad d resses b y a re ­ m arkably helpful p reach er; “ D y n a m ic of Service,” by A. P ag et W ilkes, a book th a t h as been tra n sla ted in several foreign la n ­ guages an d ru n th ro u g h several editions. Invaluable to th e C hristian w orker. U sual price $1.50. “Eyes in th e D ark,” by Zenobia Bird, an irresistib le sto ry for young an d old. R egular p rice $1.50; “A cts of th e A pos­ tles,” edited an d a rran g ed by E. S. Y oung; “P rep arin g to P reach ,” by D avid R. Breed and “T he P edagogy of St. Paul,” b y H. T. K uist. Included in th is offer is also “W hy C h ristian ity is T rue,” by E. Y. Mullins.

The Preacher and His Models By James Stalker. The fourth edition of a compilation of nine lectures delivered on the Lyman Beecher Foundation, popu­ larly known as "The Yale Lectures on Preaching." Regular price $1.75. Our Offer: Send $2.00 and we will forward you THE K ING 'S BUSINESS for one year together with this book postpaid.

O ther titles include “G lim pses of Indian Am erica,” b y W . F. Jo rd a n (reg u lar price $1.75); “By My S p irit,” b y Jo n ath a n G o­ fo rth ” (reg u lar price $1.75); “C hurch School A dm in istratio n ,” b y E. M orris Ferguson (reg u lar price $2.00); “T hings New an d O ld,” by C. I. Scofield (reg u lar p rice $2.00); “T he Peerless Poem s of D avid,” (regular • * price $2.00); “A unt M arian’s P arab les,” by M rs. H. S. L ehm an (reg u lar price $2.00). Special LimitedOfferof“TheBibleStudentsCyclopaedia”byL.U.Snead contain ing a n unusual system of Bible m ark ing a n d read ing , a ra p id system of m em orizing Biblical facts an d a tre a su ry fo r th e hom e circle in p ro se a n d verse. (R eg u la r p rice $ 3 .5 0 .) Special offer w ith one y e a r’s sub scription to K ing’s Business, $ 2 .75 . Ow ing to the lim ited num b e r of copies availab le a t these prices it is suggested th a t th e p u rch aser in d icate two o r m o re selections w hen sending o rder. Address B IO L A B O O K R O O M ,558 South Hope S tv Los Angeles,Calif.

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