Dr. Kourosh Maddahi November 2018


The Season of Gratitude NOVEMBER 2018

Gratitude is a powerful emotion. The holiday season is a great time to recharge, reflect, and appreciate the good things in life. Whether it’s a small gesture from a neighbor, or something much more personal to you, such as your family or your health, our lives are filled with people and moments to be grateful for. There are many things I am grateful for. I am incredibly grateful for my staff at the practice. They are truly the greatest team on earth and professional in every sense of the word. I would not be the same dentist without them and their support.

I am also grateful for my wife and children. Going home after a day of work is always a delight. I’m grateful for the warm home they have created. It’s always welcoming, and we always have a great time together. Even as our kids get older, we still find time to spend together, whether it’s a simple evening at home or a vacation to a favorite destination. As you gather for a holiday, a Sunday dinner, or just a quiet family meal, take a moment to look around the room at the people you care about most. If they’re far away, give them a call or write them a letter. Share your gratitude and appreciation with them. Expressing gratitude is not only a wonderful feeling, but it also makes everyone feel cherished.

More than that, however, my staff are here for the patients. While they make my life easier as a dentist, my staff does everything to make our patients’ lives easier every step of the way. Again, it’s unsurpassed professionalism. And then there are my patients — the people who come from near and far for care. I am grateful for the trust they have put in me over the years. It is the patients who have given me the opportunity to shape my dental practice into the practice it is today. There is a special bond between dentist and patient. They come to me for care, but there is also a conversation. I enjoy getting to know my patients. And when they leave to return home, no matter where home is, I genuinely want to know how they are doing. I always tell each patient that should anything come up, they should give me a call, and I will do what I can to help.

These days, it’s easy for life and work to become a distraction. So many of us lead busy lives, and when we’re not careful, we can lose sight of what truly matters. What’s important is recognizing when it happens so you can pause and reflect. When you pause to give thanks and share your appreciation of others, it strengthens your bond with those people. It’s part of the love that keeps family and friends close. Of course, giving thanks and sharing your gratitude is just as important on every other day of the year. When you’re healthy, give thanks. When your family is healthy, give thanks. When you are in love, give thanks. Recognize the good in every moment and in each person you cherish.

-Dr. Maddahi

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