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Bridging the gap – the UK’s fight against organised freight crime

“To prevent an explosion in freight crime it is necessary to reduce the opportunities for criminals, increase their risk and lower their rewards. In an ever-changing environment, NaVCIS is key to this work.” Membership funding model NaVCIS is entirely funded by industry and it was recently decided to create a subscription-based membership funding model to ensure the continuation of the important work of NaVCIS Freight. Members will receive NaVCIS intelligence and data, with membership fees capped to cover expenditure. As a policing unit, NaVCIS cannot make a profit so it intends to reduce fees as membership increases. Become a member of NaVCIS Freight For an annual fee members will receive: • 26 fortnightly bulletins on current freight crime incidents; • 12 monthly reports showing freight crime hotspots, the common criminal methods and advice on preventative measures; • Four quarterly reports with greater in-depth analysis and reporting; • Our unique and detailed annual UK freight crime report.

DCI Brett Mallon explains all you need to know about NaVCIS (the UK’s National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service) and the work it does to protect the UK freight industry

NaVCIS is a national police unit under the direction of the National Police Chief Council’s vehicle crime lead ACC Jenny Sims. It is entirely funded by industry but recognised by the Home Office, National Crime Agency and UK law enforcement. “NaVCIS has become a bridge between policing and industry” according to DCI Brett Mallon, Head of NaVCIS. “We are concerned with several areas of [vehicle] crime within the UK, but freight crime is an area of particular relevance; without NaVCIS, UK freight crime would remain a hidden problem.” The scale of the problem In 2019 there were 4,364 reports of freight crime in England and Wales with cargo stolen valued at £115 million. The total estimated cost to industry was £575 million In 2020 there were 4,481 reports of freight crime with cargo stolen valued at £95 million. The estimated cost to industry was £475 million. To summarise: • 22% of offences occurred at motorway service areas;

• Infrastructure lacks secure parking; • There is no Home Office freight crime category; • 43 police forces are acting in isolation. Bridging the gap NaVCIS Freight’s strategic aim is to support law enforcement and industry to prevent and detect freight crime. As Brett explained: “Our approach is to provide evidence to police, industry and government to support decision-making to combat the problems faced by the sector. “Using our one-of-a-kind national database, we regularly provide data and intelligence to industry and police, which informs risk management and mitigation, and drives targeted policing operations.” He continued: “The local and national police activity generated by NaVCIS is important to supress both organised crime groups and opportunistic local criminals.

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