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The Renewing of Your Mind Wash the World Off Daily

STEP NO. 1: TURN THE WORLD OFF It’s really hard to take a shower if you don’t get in one. Speaking of showers, that is just about the one place people don’t take their phones. No wonder showers are so refreshing. No wonder so many of us get great ideas in the shower. In fact, I have a waterproof notepad in my shower so I can write down all the great downloads God gives me. The bottom line is that you need to unplug for more than a few minutes each day in the shower. Take a walk without your phone and reread the last issue, where we talked about a screen-free zone in your house. STEP NO. 2: GET FRESH INPUT It’s a lifestyle choice of mine to read the Bible first thing in the morning and very last at night. Sometimes it’s just a verse, and other times it’s much more. I have discovered God speaking to me through particular verses. It’s hard to explain, but certain verses will just jump off the page and be so timely and apply to my exact situation. If, by chance, you’re already dreading the task of daily Bible reading, perhaps you need a fresh translation. Take action and pick up The Passion Translation. It really brings

In the ancient Scriptures, Paul encourages you “to

be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” I often wonder how that applies today. One of my first “cassette tape” mentors was the

iconic Zig Ziglar. I remember him explaining that positivity and motivation were much like taking a shower: It’s highly effective, but it needs to be done daily. Can you imagine someone complaining about a specific brand of soap or deodorant because they hadn’t showered in three days and they smelled awful? Yet we hear the same complaint all the time regarding any type of personal growth, diet, or even spiritual program. “Yeah, I tried that, and it didn’t work for me,” they say. The only way to get great results at anything — your business, your marriage, parenting, health, fitness, and even your spiritual walk — is to make it a lifestyle. Remember last issue’s article on taking a break from the world? Now I’m going to encourage you to not only wash your body daily but to also wash off the world daily. This is what I imagine Paul was trying to teach us by renewing our minds.

So, how exactly do we wash off the world daily?

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