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DISCOVER YOUR STRENGTHS! “Sometimes we’re tested. Not to show our weaknesses , but to discover our strengths! ” -Unknown

PICK A SONG AS YOUR PERSONAL ANTHEM: WHY DID YOU PICK IT? John Rulli (Golf Maintenance): “’ Immigrant Song ’ by Led Zeppelin because it is just awesome and so am I! ” 😊

Ralph Taylor (Grounds): “America’s ‘ National Anthem ’ because it’s a beautiful song that makes everyone happy and brings everyone together.”

Brian Mitchell (Golf Maintenance): “’ Paint it Black ’ by the Rolling Stones because it gets me hyped up!” Carolyn Futrell (Front Desk): “I like ‘ Super Freak ’ by Rick James because it makes m e want to get up and move!”

Chris Zhao (Golf): “’ Country Roads ’ by John Denver because it reminds me of school. I go to JMU and frequently visit WVU.”

CCV STORY TIME Abbey Owen (Special Events): “ Working in the Special Events Office, one thing we know how to do well is plan a party, that includes celebrating our own birthdays in style! Typically, the tradition is to celebrate by having a special lunch of your choice to enjoy in the office. This year, my birthday fell du ring quarantine, and my fellow coworkers didn’t let the circumstances stop us from celebrating. I was greeted at my door to three smiling faces and the sounds of Amber, Taylor, and Emma all singing “Happy Birthday” from six feet away of course. They even got me a birthday cake, flowers, and my favorite wine to enjoy at home! Under the circumstances, my coworkers helped make my special day one that I will always remember. This was a great reminder that even in the midst of uncertainty, we still have our CCV family! I am so thankful to have such a special team to navigate these tough times with.”


Hunter Koontz (Racquet Sports): “My wife and I recently welcomed “Sadie the Puppy” to our house.”

Claire Gladin (Banquets): “Thes e are my fur babies Reggie (orange) and Buggy (gray). They were born on Valentine’s Day! These cats are loaded with personality. They wait for me at the door and demand attention. I love these little critters with all of my heart!

Peter Terry (Golf): “Jake is my 9 -year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. As a pup, he loved to go duck hunting with us and chase birds. Now as an old man, he likes to sleep all day and eat Beggin ’ Strips .”

Ashley Payne (Communications): “ My newest coworker is an 80-lb. chocolate Lab, Boomer. His favorite thing to do while I work from home is get into trouble while I’m on work calls, lie down in the middle of the road during walks, and work out with me in the backyard. ”


Provided by Carla Waldron (Information Technology):

Use this recipe (or your favorite box mix plus one extra egg) and your waffle iron to make brownies that are a little different!


1/2 cup butter, softened

1 cup sugar

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

• 1-ounce unsweetened chocolate melted • 1 cup all-purpose flour • 1 cup miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips (or rough chop the regular ones) • Powdered Sugar


1. Preheat waffle iron. 2. In a mixer bowl, cream butter and sugar until smooth. 3. Beat in vanilla and eggs, combining until light and fluffy. 4. Blend in the melted chocolate. 5. Add flour, mixing until incorporated. 6. Fold in chocolate chips.

7. Spray waffle iron with non-stick cooking spray. Drop approximately 2 tablespoons of batter in each section of waffle iron. Bak e until your iron tells you they’re done, or about three minutes. Check and adjust the time accordingly. Carefully lift cookies out and cool on wire rack — letting the steam escape for about 15 seconds before lifting may make them easier to remove.


Lynn Hunsicker (Accounting): “ I spend a lot of my weekends, when weather permits, working in my yard. This past weekend my family and I visited Maymont Park, which I hadn’t been to in quite some time. I had forgotten how pretty the Japanese gardens were. Remembering all of the beautiful Koi in their pond, we took Koi food to feed them, which delighted all of the kids there to see them feed. This park is a great place to go to relax on a blanket, walk the many paths which offer great exercise, and enjoy the flowers, and best of all it’s free! When times were normal and all businesses were open nothing beats a stroll through Carytown. “For the Love of Chocolate” is a must stop! I love eating at any restaurant that offers outside dining. It’s something about the outside and fresh air that makes the food taste so much


Paul Valdez (Valet): “ In my neighborhood, Randolph, there are a series of historical Richmond cemeteries. My favorite one to walk through is the Riverview Cemetery because it's the biggest and only a few blocks from my house. This is one of the quietest places in the whole city and is the perfect place to walk my dog, Leroy. I'm trying to train him to be a better walker which can be hard in a busy neighborhood full of traffic, squirrels, and other dogs (he's adopted). The best part of this walk is that the furthest edge of the cemetery empties into the North Riverbank Trail, a popular place for bikers and runners, and it borders Oregon Hill, Randolph, Texas Beach, and Maymont. On top of that, you are rewarded with a spectacular view of the James River. It can also be fun to read names on tombstones and get snippets of historical information from some of the people who built this city that we are so lucky to inhabit.

Sydney Place ( Cool Springs Café): “ I love going to Belle Isle when the weather is nice. It’s a great place to go for a walk, sunbathe, and even have a p icnic! It’s a great way to escape from the city every once in a while”


Mary Kemp (Golf & Accounting): “I don’t read! (haha) My hobby is adult coloring. I color like a mad woman. I’ve been doing this for about 2 years. It’s very calming and satisfying.” Maura George (Aquatics): “I’ve been reading a lot of true crime and mystery books while I’ve been home! Trying to guess the ending is my favorite part!” MEMBER MOTIVATION Alanna Fallon (Cool Springs Café): “ Early on in this closure period, Mrs. Kenna Rash ordered poke bowls on a Friday from CSC to bring to Mr. Rash and his executive team at his work. As

it turns out, everyone loved it so much, it became a weekly tradition. This past Friday, I brought out the 7 or 8 different lunch bags, and spoke to her for quite a bit when she came to pick up. She was very thankful for the extra “trouble” we go through to make sure each order is in a separate bag and labeled for

convenience. She went on to say she is “pretty sure through spoiling the group that CCV gets more members from this. ” Apparently the group has loved the experience and has started to inquire about membership. Mrs. Rash seems to enjoy making the weekly lunch delivery, which of course makes me excited to be a part of it.

Mrs. Rash also took the crepe class with Chef Theresa on Saturday and loved it!


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