CCV Take Care 5.15.20

CCV STORY TIME Abbey Owen (Special Events): “ Working in the Special Events Office, one thing we know how to do well is plan a party, that includes celebrating our own birthdays in style! Typically, the tradition is to celebrate by having a special lunch of your choice to enjoy in the office. This year, my birthday fell du ring quarantine, and my fellow coworkers didn’t let the circumstances stop us from celebrating. I was greeted at my door to three smiling faces and the sounds of Amber, Taylor, and Emma all singing “Happy Birthday” from six feet away of course. They even got me a birthday cake, flowers, and my favorite wine to enjoy at home! Under the circumstances, my coworkers helped make my special day one that I will always remember. This was a great reminder that even in the midst of uncertainty, we still have our CCV family! I am so thankful to have such a special team to navigate these tough times with.”


Hunter Koontz (Racquet Sports): “My wife and I recently welcomed “Sadie the Puppy” to our house.”

Claire Gladin (Banquets): “Thes e are my fur babies Reggie (orange) and Buggy (gray). They were born on Valentine’s Day! These cats are loaded with personality. They wait for me at the door and demand attention. I love these little critters with all of my heart!

Peter Terry (Golf): “Jake is my 9 -year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. As a pup, he loved to go duck hunting with us and chase birds. Now as an old man, he likes to sleep all day and eat Beggin ’ Strips .”

Ashley Payne (Communications): “ My newest coworker is an 80-lb. chocolate Lab, Boomer. His favorite thing to do while I work from home is get into trouble while I’m on work calls, lie down in the middle of the road during walks, and work out with me in the backyard. ”

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