CCV Take Care 5.15.20


Mary Kemp (Golf & Accounting): “I don’t read! (haha) My hobby is adult coloring. I color like a mad woman. I’ve been doing this for about 2 years. It’s very calming and satisfying.” Maura George (Aquatics): “I’ve been reading a lot of true crime and mystery books while I’ve been home! Trying to guess the ending is my favorite part!” MEMBER MOTIVATION Alanna Fallon (Cool Springs Café): “ Early on in this closure period, Mrs. Kenna Rash ordered poke bowls on a Friday from CSC to bring to Mr. Rash and his executive team at his work. As

it turns out, everyone loved it so much, it became a weekly tradition. This past Friday, I brought out the 7 or 8 different lunch bags, and spoke to her for quite a bit when she came to pick up. She was very thankful for the extra “trouble” we go through to make sure each order is in a separate bag and labeled for

convenience. She went on to say she is “pretty sure through spoiling the group that CCV gets more members from this. ” Apparently the group has loved the experience and has started to inquire about membership. Mrs. Rash seems to enjoy making the weekly lunch delivery, which of course makes me excited to be a part of it.

Mrs. Rash also took the crepe class with Chef Theresa on Saturday and loved it!


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