Briarfield Dental - September/October 2019

Sept/Oct 2019


What Back-to-School Means for Parents

Every year, on the first day of school, my wife would take a picture of our kids standing in front of the magnolia tree in our yard. Back-to- school season was always a bittersweet time of year. Melody always loved to take the kids out shopping to get all their supplies, and I liked to see them excited for a new year, but we were both a little sad to see them go. I love all the summers spent with my kids, and it was hard to see them leave and be reminded that they were growing up. Of course, seeing them go off to school from kindergarten through 12th grade was nothing compared to when they each went off to college. Now, that was tough! After we dropped off Matt, our oldest, for his freshman year of college, Melody cried the whole way home. I got pretty choked up myself. It was equally hard with all of our kids. I really enjoy their company, and it was hard to deal with the fact that my kids weren’t going to be home every night. All three of our kids attended Miami University down in Oxford. That’s a three-hour drive from our home, so we couldn’t just swing by to have lunch or take them out to dinner whenever we missed them.

Miami University is also the same school where both my father and I graduated from, so while it was hard to have them so far away, it was cool to have a bit of a family legacy going on. Melody and I were so proud to see each of our kids get accepted to Miami; they all worked really hard. Matt was torn between a couple of different schools, but he never

regretted choosing Miami. Meanwhile, our middle child, Kevin, knew he wanted to go to Miami University

ever since we visited the school when he was just 6 years old. When Allison, our youngest, attended college, she said she loved being in the same classes I had taken or walking down the same halls as her grandfather. Of all our kids, Allison really connected to the sense of family history at Miami U. Though they have all graduated from college, this fall our kids are still continuing with their education in different ways. Matt is starting law school at Georgia State University in Atlanta while Allison is finishing school for

physical therapy. Kevin is currently working for Poggemeyer Design Group, an engineering and architecture firm in Bowling Green with plans to take classes for project/construction management. As tough as it was to watch my kids grow up and start their own lives, I have always been proud of them. Seeing your kids leave home is part of life, and they all succeeded in what they have set out to do. I will always miss having them around the house, but watching them grow and thrive confirms that Melody and I have done a pretty good job as their parents.

“As tough as it was to watch my kids grow up and start their own lives, I have always been proud of them.”

Who can ask for much more than that?

–Dr. Stuckey

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