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Make time. It’s likely time already feels like a scarce resource, and with an added side hustle, you’ll find it’s a true luxury. Make a list of your usual daily activities and cut down on those that don’t mesh with your goals. TV, social media, and extra day-job responsibilities probably need to fall by the wayside if you’re going to fit everything you want to accomplish into each day. Check out the book “Stop Wasting Your Life And Start Doing What Matters Most” by Jeffrey L. Krug for some tips on doing just that.

A side hustle — whether it’s maintaining a blog, freelancing for local publications, or driving for Uber or Lyft — can be a substantial boon to your family’s finances. But it can also cause tension and change family dynamics. Luckily, it is possible to balance a side hustle, keep your sanity, and maintain healthy relationships with your spouse and kids. Here are some tips on how to make a little extra cash without overly disrupting your family life. Organize your life. Regardless of how meticulously you’ve organized your life, after a few weeks of extra work, your world is sure to seem a little more complex. One excellent way to synchronize with your family — and ensure you don’t miss anything important — is to have every family member streamline their busy schedules into one of many family calendar-sharing applications, whether it’s Google Calendar, Hub Family Organizer, or Cozi.

This way, you’ll be able to quickly and visually determine the best times to take breaks, and easily make sure your work schedule doesn’t overlap with picking up your kids from school or seeing the school orchestra perform. Take breaks. There is no person on earth who can work 18-plus-hour days every day of the week. Everybody needs a little R & R. Regular breaks will allow you to spend quality time with your spouse and children, reduce the risk of burning out, and enable you to enjoy your life outside of the daily grind. Honestly, though, breaks aren’t enough. If you’re really making time for everything, you’re going to be working some long days, and you’ll need the energy to match. Make sure you are eating healthy and making time for regular exercise. This way you won’t pass out the next time you try to watch “Trolls” with the kiddos.


Luz R. was charged with an alcohol-related DUI after the CHP found her sleeping on the side of the freeway and several callers had phoned the police to report a driver weaving all over the road. RESULT: DUI dismissed.

Eric V. was charged with a 0.33 percent blood-alcohol concentration on a third-time DUI. RESULT: We won the DMV hearing on a Title 17 violation and saved his license from a minimum suspension of six months.

Joe B. was charged with a 0.29 percent blood-alcohol concentration on a first-time DUI. We filed and heard a motion to suppress under penal code 1538.5. RESULT: The judge ruled in our favor and dismissed the case. This only could have happened as a result of the hard work from his San Bernardino DUI lawyer.

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